i got it from my mama.

Hi Friends!
I kinda wanted to just do a May life update since sooo much has happened!
If you don't already know- surprise we moved to San Diego!
It was a stressful process to say the least... but we made it here and not one thing broke!
Woot woot.
My mom was a miracle worker and not only helped and watched Liam while the crazy move was happening, but then drove one of our cars to San Diego for us and then stayed with me for THREE weeks!
The's literally the best.

This was the first night we got to Cali-
We stayed in Old Town and were so relieved to just be there. 
We let Liam run around, he was throwing pennies in the fountain like a champ and it was like we could finally breath for a second!
So happy we made it!

After those first few days of living in a hotel, finally getting our things dropped off, everything unpacked and somewhat organized we decided to spend a day at one of our fave places-
Coronado Island!

We walked around the gorgeous neighborhoods, ate Gelato on the sidewalk, shared some delish pizza and of course took Liam to check out the beach!

I mean, house goals- am I right?!

He was so giddy when he saw the waves!
He'd run back and forth and was just so dang happy.
Everyone thought him and his belly were just the cutest-
and I agreed!

My mom was so great-
she unpacked boxes, organized our house, painted furniture, ummm watched and played with Liam hello, grocery shopped, cooked, did laundry, walked Romie, hung everything up and adventured around our new hood with me!
I'm so happy we got to spend this time together- and extremely thankful for such a caring mama!

We would switch off having work days and then we would have fun days and just get outta the house!
One morning we decided to head to North County {where we're from} and stop at all the places my mom would take me at Liam's age.
It was so fun and cool to walk down memory lane!
We went to Ki's for lunch, VG's for donuts, said hi to old neighbors, took a tour of our previous home and then ended the day playing at Powerhouse Park in Del Mar!
It was a really sweet afternoon.

And please look at that food- SO GOOD!

In our old front yard!

We live in such a cool neighborhood- and very trendy might I add!
So we just had to explore.
We would load Liam up in the stroller and then just find a little restaurant that was having a happy hour and split a meal to test out the place.
We ended up trying soooo many good joints.
I love just getting to know our neighbors and all the little mom and pop businesses in the area!
And now Zak and I are continuing this activity!
Last night we walked into town, checked out a couple local stores and then tried Thai for dinner!
And tonight we're going to walk to our library for PJ story time and maybe snag dessert-
I just love this place!

This was for taco Tuesday- I CANNOT wait to go back!

Every Thursday is the Farmer's Market so we would bring Liam and he would just chow down on fruit-
I think he loved it more than us!

Oh and this store above, Pigment is heavenly!
Like mix Antrho, plus Rifle Paper Co, a pink ombre wall a kiddo section-
and this is what you get.
It's also very dangerous- I could spend sooo much there!

One of the last days my mom was here we explored Little Italy and Seaport Village-
two gems in San Diego!
We went to the San Diego Architectural Salvage Company- if you're a fan of Fixer Upper, this place is a must and then weaved in and out of all the little antique shops and markets.

We took Liam on the carousel near the water and he was a little skeptical lol..
his face here kills me!

And then we had to treat my mom to some froyo-
it's the least we could do for everything she did for us!
Froyo is her fav so I think she approved!

Lolz this sign- I need it in my life asap.

We had such an incredible time with my mom-
Liam loves his bun bun {her nickname} soooo much!
I couldn't have done this move without her.
Thanks mom, you the best!
Now come back and see us already!



  1. I'm so glad your mom got to stay with you! So much fun!!

    1. Wish she never had to leave!:( The best time EVER!!