what I eat.

Hi friends!
Today I dedicate this blog post to CARBS!!!
Because this girl loves bread.
And cookies.
And Halo Top ice cream.
And anything and everything that has gluten in it.
But for real.
I wanted to chat about what I eat!
I get asked all the time.
And since I've been nursing for over a year, I never restricted myself because I didn't want to mess with my milk supply.
Hashtag mom life.
But now that Liam is nursing less I wanna pay closer attention to the foods I'm eating and kinda come up with a game plan once this stage is over.
Hashtag that makes me sad to think about!!!!
I counted macro nutrients {IIFYM} before having Liam, and loved the concept.
I've always had to "watch my weight" and have struggled with food my whole life.
Whether it was some fad diet, binge eating, emotional eating, not being educated on nutrition, etc.
And I needed to find something that worked.
Mentally more than physically.
And that's when If It Fits Your Macros came into play.

You can read all about it here!
But long story short, within my allotted calorie amount, I try and eat a certain number of carbs, fats and proteins - depending on what my goals are.
Right now I'm not trying to lose weight.
I want to gain lean muscle and continue strength training instead!
But if you're looking to lose weight, IIFYM is great too!
I love it because it has taught me not to fear fats and eating out-
I don't ever feel guilty about what I eat, and that my friends it huge for me!
I struggled a very long time with unhealthy eating habits and it's so nice not feel or act like that anymore.
And now this is where Unique Performance AZ comes in the picture!

These awesome people are macro coaches and are helping me with my nutrition alllll month long-
and I'm excited to share my experience with yah!
I'm also going to give daily updates over on my Instagram stories so make sure you're watching!
They offer online coaching {what I'm doing} where you fill out a self evaluation and then someone will schedule a call with you to learn all about your goals, lifestyle, body type, eating habits, etc.
I talked with Ryan over the phone and it was great.
He totally understood what I wanted to do, understood that I'm still nursing and understood that I eat a lot of carbs hahaha!
It was a judge free zone, which was awesome.
After the phone call you get to download this app called Tranerize, which syncs all your information from other apps you use {like My Fitness Pal} so that way when you're tracking your meals, weight, water intake, etc you don't have to do it twice.
Your coach can see everything you're doing and keep tabs on yah!
They also give some sample meal plans and workouts too- which help a bunch.
I'm going to try my first work out tomorrow!
Anywho, so far I love the program and feel really good!
I was able to meet my bestie at our fav restaurant tonight and have my fav burger so yeah- things are going well!
I have my first follow up phone call with my coach tomorrow too {you get weekly calls to see how you're doing} so stay tuned for that.
It's crazy how much you stick to something when you have someone else holding you accountable!
Oh yeah!
So here are some staple foods that I always have in our house, just so you get a gist:
But remember you can eat whatever you want, just make sure it fits your macros!

- Coffee
- FF Creamer
- Rye Toast
- Oatmeal 
{I swear I have had that same breakfast everyday for a year! I save my carbs just for it!}
- LF Cheese Sticks
- Rice Cakes {all flavors}
- LF or FF Cottage Cheese
- Morning Star Veggie Patties
- Eggs and Egg Whites
- PB2 Peanut Butter
- FF Vanilla Greek Yogurt
- Light Laughing Cow Cheese
- Fruits {strawberries, blue berries, mangos
- Veggies {califlower, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbag}
- Halo Top ice cream
Also remember I'm a vegetarian!:)
Here's my official "before" pic - however you know I'm all about the self love and never view a "before" photo as bad or negative!
I personally like to take photos so I can see the physical changes!
This pic below isn't edited, no filters and my tan was no longer-
super raw for yah!

Hope this helps!!
I'll let you know how it goes!

Have a lovely day!


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