just call me joanna gaines.

Hi loves!
Can I get a raise of hands who here is a Fixer Upper fan?!
Yep, you know what I'm talking about.
The ship lap loving, demo day obsessed HGTV junkie that just thinks Chip and Jo are the cutest couple there ever was!
Well... let me tell you. 
I got to pretty much stay in a boutique hotel that screams Magnolia Homes and would make any Waco tourist's dreams come true!
Introducing The Strawberry Inn!!  

Um see I told yah.
The sweet owners hosted us for a few days and we were pretty much in heaven.
It's tucked up in the sweetest little town outside Payson AZ - it's the perfect little getaway and staycation for any Phoenicians out there.
Easiest and prettiest drive to escape the city and just relax in the beautiful mountains.

I can go on and on and on about the decor..
so I will!
I mean, red barn doors, front porch swings, ship lap walls, marble bathroom counters, plush beds-modern farmhouse elegance that makes yah wish this is what your home looked like.
And did I also mention that it's near some of Arizona's best hiking trails!?
One in fact that leads to a waterfall -  yep water falls in AZ!
Fossil Springs and Tonto Natural Bridge just to name a few.

We were all about the hiking adventures until we saw our room and opted to just relax and kick back instead. 
It was kinda a parents dream.
We went into the town for breakfast at The Early Bird - which by the way was your quintessential mom and pop country restaurant and the best dang food we had had in a very long time.
So good in fact, we stopped there both mornings for breakfast!
I couldn't get enough of their coffee, and the boys did sure enjoy the biscuits and gravy! 

Afterwards we came back to the Strawberry Inn and I got to take a little tour of all the rooms-
it was so much fun!
The owners and staff take such great care of the property and every detail is thought out and beautiful.
While I pretended to be Joanna Gaines -  the boys explored the forest for a bit. 
It was perfect.
If you didn't catch my Instagram stroies that day- I walked everyone though each room, showing the decor in all it's glory.
I had a blast!!
Lets just say being an HGTV host would be a dream job of mine!!
I'm going to try and upload those clips soon so you can see them again!

In the afternoon we walked around the town for a bit (there's so many cute antique stores and ice cream shops) and then headed back to the Inn to just play and relax on the front porch.
There's the cutest little market right next store with the best healthy foods, snacks and kids toys you could think of!
So we grabbed some yummy Popsicles and front porch sat the day away!
It was my favorite part time of the trip.
Liam was just adventuring around, and Zak and I got to talk and just hangout till dinner time!

For dinner we opted for a healthy gas station pizza take-out, which by the way was delicious!
It was the perfect ending to a perfect little gettaway and I'm to thankful for this time we got together.
Now that Zak's away at training, I'm truly grateful for these moments we shared together up in the beautiful woods away from to-do lists, chores and just the crazy that life brings!

We had a blast, and if you couldn't tell, I and we just LOVED the Strawberry Inn with all our hearts.
If you're in the market for a girls trip, need a little getaway, wanna go glamping or just retreat somewhere cute, clean and fun for the weekend?!

I hope you have a lovely day!


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