tips for sticking to your diet.

Hi loves!
Hope you're having the best weekend!
We've been doing all kinds of house chores and getting settled into our new home.
However I have to admit, we have been treating ourselves to the beach in the afternoons to balance out our work!
It's soooo nice being on the coast!
And speaking of nice things- this outfit is now my favorite poolside or beach side cover up!
I got it from Sunshine Girls Boutique and just adore it.
It's lightweight, has a fun cut out and is so much fun to pair with a swim suit.

Today I wanted to share my ten easy tips that help me stay on track with my exercise and macros!
I'm not going to lie- May has been a super tough month, with Zak leaving and the move-
but I've tried my hardest to stay active and eat as healthily as I can!
And when times get crazy and routines are outta wack these are some tools that keep me on track.
I needed a fresh start today too- I've been eating out wayyyy too much.
So I needed to read this just as much as anyone else.
Okay here it goes!

1. Plan man! I use My Fitness Pal- which is a free app to track all of my nutrition. You can look up restaurants, scan bar codes and have "frequent or favorite" foods saved to make tracking easy. I love it so much! I plan my meals the night before so I know what I'm eating, that way I'm not struggling at the end of the night when we go out for say pizza. If yah fail to plan, then plan to fail! Okay, that was harsh- but kinda true.  

2. Find a fitness plan you actually enjoy. Whether it's walking your dog, lifting weights or taking a class. Find what you love and get started. That'll keep you motivated in the beginning to just get yah to the gym- and then once time passes you can start trying new things out. I personally like scheduling my cardio times when the new Fixer Upper is on- makes me wanna do a whole hour!

PS isn't this pattern so fun?!
I'm loving the boho style- I feel like I fit in perfectly with San Diego!
3. Water! I try to drink a bottle before and after each meal. It not only is good for yah, but can reduce hunger as well. Drink, drink drink!

4. Gum! I always have a pack of sugar free gum with me wherever I go! That way when I just want something sweet or a snack- I pop in a piece and it gives me that satisfaction without over eating. 

5. Magical food called eggs. Eggs are your BFF. These babies are carb free, high in protein and can be made 2981092381 different ways! My new favorite are poached eggs!

6. Consistency- when it comes to eating I try and eat the same breakfast and lunch everyday to keep things easy. I know what I like and what the macros are so then I keep those meals the same and can try something new for dinner- for example if we go out to eat. This just helps me with the budget, macros and routine. 

7. Don't be afraid to eat out! Just look up the menu beforehand and plug in the nutrition facts. If the facts aren't listed- just search the food data base on My Fitness Pal for something similar like, "avocado veggie patty with whole wheat bun." If you don't find it in My Fitness Pal, then look up a recipe for it online and plug in those numbers. If they're not perfect- that's okay! At least you're trying! Eating healthy doesn't mean depriving yourself and never eating out. My biggest tip is just to plug that meal in first, then build your day around it so it fits your macros. 

8. Have support. Whether it's a gym buddy you meet each night, an online macro coach {for me it's Zak} or your boyfriend {or roommate or whoever}- you gotta have someone in your corner rooting for yah! Someone who holds you accountable, supports your goals and helps yah make it happen.

9. Go-to foods. Have your pantry always stocked with your basic macro friendly foods so you're not tempted to just get off plan or grab a burger. Here's a list of foods that I always have on hand! Schedule out grocery days each week so that you stick to your plan!

10. Give yourself Grace. If life is getting a little nuts and you take a break from the gym to just rest, that's okay! If you go over on your macros, that's okay! You should never feel guilty about what you eat, or the lack of exercise. That's not what a healthy lifestyle is about. With great macro and workout days, comes rest days and splurge days. Just do your best, and treat your body with love and respect.

You can read more of my tips here and info about what I eat here.

Hope these tips help yah!

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