spoiler: we moved to Cali.

Hi friends!
As some of you may know {I've only mentioned it 290809237438713 times} we made the big move to California this week!
Yep, it really happened!
We're now San Diegans!

And for those of you who are new around these parts I thought I'd just get yah up to speed on things!
Like why the heck did we move from Arizona?!
Why San Diego?!
I mean, why not San Diego?!
How long will we be here?!
Long story short- Zak just graduated from Creighton University School of Medicine-
like he's technically Zakary Hambsch, M.D. or Dr. Zak cuz our last name is a tough-y!
I like to call him intern though, keep him grounded.
JK anyone who knows Zak and I's relationship knows we're very very sarcastic! 
I'm very proud of him and plus he doesn't like those fancy titles anyways.
So first let me give a little round of applause to my lover boy because this has been a longggggg time coming!
Oh just search my archives a bit and you'll read lots of Sid emo posts when we first moved to Nebraska for medical school or a million, "Zak's studying so.." sentences as well!
But he did it!
He's a doctor now!
But the training doesn't end there- it's now just the beginning of a whole new chapter for us-
Which brings us back to San Diego!
Zak's going to be doing his pediatric residency program at Naval Medical Center San Diego!
And yep, that means he's in the Navy!
Another question I get asked a lot- are you guys a military family?
Yep you got it right!
Zak did a program where the military paid for his schooling and living throughout medical school and he in return will work for them for a few years {or longer if we want} after residency.
And that's a very general explanation- but easiest way to put it.
We love it so far- such a warm and welcoming community!
For now, we're only here for a year- then who knows! 
We could move or stay put.
We always said we wanted to live in different places, ha and that we are doing!
We're currently living in North Park, 
and you guys. 
We've only been here a week and I'm OBSESSED!
I don't even know how we lucked out to live in this area.
We're two doors down from Balboa Park, we walk everywhere {which is something I've always wanted} and we're blocks away from some of the best shops and restaurants in SD!
Oh and not to mention Coronado Island is literally ten minutes from us-
we even timed it in the car!
I'm dying and can't get over that this is where we really live!
Like how?!
Coming from broke as a joke students for the past eight years-
this is DREAM come true!

And I thank The Lord each day for this new blessing and chapter we're on!
It's unbelievable really.
I have a full and happy heart.
All I need is my husband to get his butt here {yep we moved without him} so we can start this new journey called intern year!
Just wanted to pop in and give a little update now that my computer is set up and we're not living in a hotel anymore!
Feels good to be home!
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