best piece of motherhood advice.

Hi loves!
Okay fair warning: this post is filled with TONS of photos of a chubby baby and a banana split-
so total yumminess overload!!
Along with the best piece of advice I've been given. 
Andddd quite possibly the best mama gift I've ever been given too.
So ladies, pin this post now that way you never forget it!
It's a goodie!

Since we're saying farewell to Arizona soon, I wanted to have one last date at a spot that means so much to our family, and that I hold dear to my heart-
We've been going there since we were 18-years-old and have shared many birthdays, anniversaries, our wedding night and other big celebrations there.
It's such a gem and we're going to miss those big pink booths, arcade games and hello the ice cream!
So before we left, the amazingly talented Drey Johnhson and myself headed over to take some sweet photos.
I'm dying over how cute they came out!
She's seriously the best!!
You should check out her Instagram here, she takes the cutest photos and I'm so so over the moon with these!

I'm pretty sure Liam enjoyed himself too!
I think he has my sweet tooth!

But back to what I was saying earlier-
motherhood advice!
When I was pregnant with Liam, someone told me,
"you need to find happiness outside of motherhood."
And since that moment I really thought hard about what that meant, and what that meant for myself!
I had stopped reporting and knew I wasn't going back into television news,
but I did know that I wanted to keep being creative and needed to find some outlet.
Then once I heard this advice it just stuck.
I prayed hard about what my creative outlet would be.
Like months of thinking guys!
I thought maybe wedding videography {with my degree}, wedding designing {decorating and hosting is such a passion of mine} or maybe teach a fitness class!
But things either cost money, or just didn't feel right. 
Then exactly this time last year a thought kinda hit-
my blog!
I'd had a blog for years- it was just something I did while we lived out of state, and it was my diary as you will of our life as newlyweds!
Why not expand and put more time/effort into something I love and already have right in front of me?!
Sounds like it should've been an obvious answer, but I' telling you guys- I prayed for months and months about it!

So one afternoon Zak sat down with me and we made a list of goals, content ideas and to-dos to really get this blog going!
And ever since then it's been such a blessing in our lives and it is my happiness outside of motherhood.
It's what gets me excited, keeps me creative, challenges myself and I get to use all the same skills I used while reporting.
It's opened so many doors- like spokesperson gigs-
that I never thought imaginable. 
And obviously there's other things outside of motherhood that keep me happy like hi my husband, Diet Coke, HGTV, hosting parties, Netflix, BBG, my Fawn Design Bag {which is making an appearance in this post- just you wait} and my happy list could go on and on...!!
But this blog and my 'work" I like to call,
is just for me.
And having it, along side staying home with Liam has been a dream come true! 

So if you're a mama-to-be or already have littles running around-
make sure you find that happiness outside of motherhood!
Being a mama is the best job in the world- it's something that words just can't describe.
It will bring you more joy, happiness, excitement, laughter and emotions than anything else!
But I think that by finding something else that is just for me, has made me not only a better mom, but a better wife, friend, aunt, sister and daughter too!

Maybe yours is reading a book each night, sewing skirts, going back to work or starting an Etsy Shop!
It doesn't have to be big, expensive or time consuming!
Just something that makes YOU happy!
Because you deserve to treat yo self mama!!

And another treat that should be on top of your wish list-
this AMAZING Fawn Design Bag!!!
I have had my eye on this beauty forever.
I know so many other mama's who can attest that these diaper bags are the bees knees.

Because when you're hauling around diapers, wipes, toys, snacks, a sippy cup, water bottles {yes multiple because Arizona}, keys, your phone, wallet, lipstick maybe even your DSLR camera-
Or am I the only who packs as if I'm going on a camping trip each time I leave the house?!
You deserve to have something not only functional, easy to use and comfortable-
but something STYLISH as well!

Just wanna interrupt this post to say the pic below might be my favorite ever because:
A. I'm obviously obsessed.
B. His chubby legs.
C. That smirks screams "come on ma!"
Okay now you can continue reading!

I personally don't know how parents don't use backpacks when out with their littles-
like hands free is EVERYTHING!
But this bag can do both, shoulder strap or backpack- 
I mean, mama's dream right!?

I literally could go on forever-
and maybe I will!
Because this bag also comes in different super cutie colors that I'm equally obsessed with!
Just take a little peak at the website right here to see for yourself.

So anywho, to conclude this lengthy, but oh so sweet post, here are some takeaways:

1. Liam and banana splits have my heart.
2. Find YOUR happy.
3. Every mama {and daddy} needs a Fawn Design Bag.


I really can't handle these pics, Drey you're the bomb dot com.
I mean, that face!
Liam has surely found his happy!!

I hope you all find this post helpful!
Because in all seriousness, I often get asked things like:

how do you fit all that into your schedule
how do you balance everything 
how is Liam always so happy!

And first off, things aren't always peachy, and we have our hard days too! 
And secondly, when I'm happy- I'm a happy mom and happy wife!
That's it.
So I do things that make me happy- 
and you should too!

Because you deserve it girl!

Have the best day friends!


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