spring break or bust.

Hello friends!
Spring Break is here and we are LOVING this Arizona weather right now.
I mean 77 degrees and sunny?!
Each morning we take Liam to the zoo, and then in the afternoons we like to head down to the pool and let him run out all his jitters before dinner, bath and bedtime.
Anyone else do that?!
It makes the witching hour sooo much better.
And yah know what else makes that crazy time better-
when your little is dressed in the cutest Crazy8 duds too!
I'm kinda obsessed with how bright and colorful the Spring collection is!

A few days ago we went to one of my favorite pools in Arizona-
the Saguaro Hotel and had some fun taking these photos with the ever so sweet Christie Knight with Christie Knight Photography
She did the best job capturing what Liam and I do best-
Also known as mama chase Liam around because you guys, he is on the move now!!
Hit little legs just go go go- and it's adorable.

By the way aren't those striped shorts just the cutest?!
I'm all about stripes and when I saw these online at www.Crazy8.com and I had to snag a pair.
The website is so easy to shop- and they have some stellar sales going on right now too. 
Just wait till yah see the little swim trunks we pick out!

This shot is def going in a frame!
His baby blues!!!

He started walking at almost 13-months on the dot!
He was taking a few good strides and then literally over night it was just full force speed walker!
I love how he almost flops his feet out in front of him, and always has his hands out for balance.
Can't deal with his cuteness.
We love playing the, "I'm gunna get you!" and he squeals and walk/runs as fast as he can.
You guys, babies make everything more fun.

And fast forward a few weeks and he's almost going to be 14-month-old before we know it!
And now that Zak is DONE with medical school {don't worry I'll be posting all about that soon} we've just been soaking up as much time outdoors together.
We'll just adventure around, let Liam explore and watch him wave at every person that passes by!
He's such a little ham and we love it.

We're actually heading outta town next week for a big fat celebratory vacation and you know I'm going to bring these outfits with me!
This Crazy8 collection is perfect for dressing up, down and is great quality so I don't have to worry about this not so gentle child wearing them out!
Win win, I say.

These are some more fav shots!
He just makes our lives so happy.
We love you so William Dean!

Haha my best attempt at being a fun mom and throwing him high!

He's such a little sponge and has been picking up on sooooo many words lately!
He now knows eyes, ears, shoes, Ro {for our pup Romie}, up, and hat!
He'll point at animals in his books and say, "bear" or "owl!"
His love for books you guys- is just outta this world.
He'll sit and pretend to read and just make the cutest little babble sentences, point at pictures and turn the pages.
It makes me heart explode! 

He's been my little side kick- always on my hip and I love it!
And playing outside with him is no different!
We love just getting outta the house early each morning and exploring the world around us-
whether it's at the zoo, on a hike, taking Romie for a walk or by the pool!

This is the said "I'm gunna get you!!!" game.
His little face is priceless!

And these were the said Crazy8 trunks too!
Loving the retro vibe and colorful stripes!

This kid is just crazy and happy and wild and smiley and talkative and busy and we just love him.

Always chasing.. how I get my cardio in these days.

His also very ticklish like someone else I know...
cough cough Zakary.

This Spring Break has been one for the books!
Thanks Liam for making our lives so much fun!
And thanks to Crazy8 for just getting our crazy lifestyle and gifting us the cutest clothes EVER.
Ya'll should check out their collection- you won't regret it!
My fav are the swimmers, what's yours favorite Crazy8 Style?!

And one last thanks to Christie for these wonderful photos-
I cherish them SO much!
And to Ana Karen Wagner for this pretty braid!!
She's the bomb dot com. 
Thanks to Crazy8 for sponsoring this post!
Hope your Spring Break is warm and full of fun!!

Have the best day!


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