quick trip to utah.

How's your day going?!
The boys are at the zoo, which means I'm getting some mama time and catching up on the ole blogity blog.
Last week Liam and I flew to Utah for a few days to spend some time with his papa!
I hate not living close to my dad, so these little trips are so important to me!
I love when Liam gets to spend some one on one time with him.
The weather was perfect in Salt Lake- 
so we tried to spend as much time outside as we could!

Haha Liam also had his first ever In N Out Burger!
So we obvi had to celebrate with some hats.
And even though I don't eat burgers, you better believe I had myself a big fat diet coke and a large fry.
I die at Liam in his hat-

My dad and his Fiance Shelly spoiled us rotten all weekend!
We went to parks, watched kites fly, walked around the neighborhood and had a little birthday party for Liam too!

Their grocery store has the best carts lol and we love to just go and ride them!
And PS that ice cream cake right there was AMAZING.

Zak, Liam and I had just gotten over a horrible food poisoning a day before we left for Utah-
and poor babe was still not feeling a 100%.
On our last day he threw up more than ever.. but he's such a trooper and acted like nothing was wrong!

I LOVE looking at houses, so when we visit we always like to stop at this cute little community nearby that has the most adorable homes!
Colorful doors, lake front views, ship lap and pretty shutters.
I just die every time I see them!

I was a little nervous flying solo since Liam is walking and wasn't sure how it'd go...
BUT he slept the entire time!
AND we were on a very empty plane and had the whole row to ourselves.
Shout out to Southwest for being the bees knees.
That was his 14th and 15th flight!!

I mean, do you know a child who travels with 10 books in his carry on?
Lol this kid.

Hahahah just relaxing. 
Making himself at home.

I love my little travel buddy so much.

Thanks pop and Shelly for hosting us all weekend!
And spoiling Liam rotten with toys, presents and cake!!
We had the best time and miss yah already!


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