dream job and a happy list.

Hi sweets!
I just wanted to pop in and say hello this morning.
I've been really really busy lately with some fun special projects for the blog and some campaigns with brands.
Right now I'm partnering with Nordstrom at the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall on a few exciting things-
I'm sure if you follow me here on Instagram you've seen our gift card scavenger hunt we've been doing all week.
It's been a blast, and kinda like a dream job if I do say so myself!
I just love working with other creatives and coming up with super cool content for you to enjoy-
and that's exactly what we're doing now!
I'm so dang thankful for this opportunity, and thank you for all the love and support.
It means so so much!!
I'll be posting more about it and all the photos soon!

I also just wanted to jot down a few things that are making me quite happy right now..

1. Spray Tans. I avoid the sun like it's the plague because, wrinkles and health. 
But yah know sometimes you still wanna look sun kissed and not ghostly- am I right?! 
So lately I've been going to my girl Bre over at Pretty House Studio in Gilbert.
She does the BEST job, it's organic, lasts a long time and you don't look like an ompa lompa!
And drum roll please... only $30.00!!! 
Yep and and and it's in the cutest little plaza in Gilbert inside Mint Body.
So if yah wanna tan, go see her! 
PS here's her Insta too!

2. Trying new finesses classes has been my jam lately!
Through blogging I've been able to try out Soul Cycle, Orange Theory, Bodi, Mint Body and a few others!
I always loved working out with friends- it was the best way to stay accountable and it's kinda the best girls time too.
You all know I'm a BBG girl, and my little gym here has my heart and just works best for my schedule-
but gotta give credit to classes, nothing beats that kinda energy.
Do you have any classes you love?!

3. Podcasts are my new obsession!
I love them all. Crime, politics, motivation, interview style and just the good ole super super random ones too!
I think my favorite right now is the Alison Show.
She's hilarious and inspiring.
It's always nice when Liam's playing to put one on in the little background and gain some food for thought.
My little mom trick when the days getting long or that 3:00 hour hits and you're running low on energy!
Podcasts are the bees knees.

4. Being a stay at home mom with a little side hustle!
I always day dreamed about the time I'd be staying home with my babies, doing play dates, rolling them around in the stroller, taking them to Disneyland- yah know the whole nine yards!
And I'm doing that.
And I thank the Lord everyday for this sweet wonderful life and role as a mama.
I'm also so thankful for this little ole blog and what is now my kinda side hustle I have going on.
I was given the advice when I got pregnant, to find happiness outside of motherhood-
beucase it will fill your happy cup to the brim, 
but you also need something for yourself, and this is it.
I've gotten some huge opportunities lately and I'm just truly happy right now and thrilled with life.
It's going really good guys.

And 5. is just a shout out to Chipotle for having the best vegetarian options one veggie lover could want!
If you don't eat meat their sofritas are bomb!
That, some chips and guac with an ice cold Diet Coke..
and my day is made.
You know I had to end this post talking about food!
Anywho, just wanted to pop in say hello and hope you're having a kick butt week!



  1. It looks like you're having the best time with that partnership! So cool! And your spray tan looks amazing!

    1. It's been a BLAST!! Ah thank you- Pretty House Studios is the BEST!!