valentine's day date ideas.

Hi loves!
Since Valentine's Day is next week...
I know, where in the heck did time go?!
I wanted to quickly share a few easy, cheap and fun Valentine's Day date ideas with yah!
And PS they're all family friendly!

If you're looking for inexpensive, I got yah covered:

- Breakfast in bed! Lounge in your P.J.'s watch some movies and eat all the waffles your heart desires! Liam loves that idea, hence his adorable Gymboree jammies!
- Go for a sunset hike, maybe even pack a picnic!
-  Camp out in the living room- make a fort and string up some lights! That sounds dreamy!


- Museum hop if it's super cold where yah live!
- Dine in movie theater, my favorite go-to!
- Head over to your local zoo, you can't get more wild than that!


- Take a ride to the drive-ins! That was Zak and I's first date!
- Rent a row boat, hello The Notebook!
- Bundle up and go ice skating- don't forget the hot chocolate afterwards!


- Take a road trip to the nearest little gem of a city and just explore!
- Hot air balloon ride to a fancy dinner!
- Rent a room for the night and call it a stay-cation!

And there you have it 12 fun, cheap and lovey dovey Valentine's Day date ideas to pick from!
I really hope these help!
As you can see, Liam and I totally love the breakfast in bed route!

Happy planning loves!

Liam: pajama set


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  1. Is there a drive-in theatre in AZ? I would love to do that! Great ideas!

  2. Wow thanks for the brilliant ideas! Your son is just the cuestest, You must have a blast dressing him :)


  3. Aww you two are sooo cute! Love your skirt :)

  4. First things first, your outfit is so cute. Also, I love this post. I've actually never been to a drive in and have always wanted to, maybe Kev and I can do that for V-day! Thanks for the ideas :)

  5. I love the sunset hike idea!! I need to bookmark this blog post for later :)