unplugging from social media.

Hi all!
Hope your week was a wonderful one!
Today I just wanted to post a little about the power of social media-
and honestly the love/hate relationship I have with it..
anyone else that way!?
I love sharing moments of our lives, posting fun videos, celebrating the highlights, remembering past times and just documenting things that make me happy.
But I also hate or just really dislike {I don't like using the word hate} the spammy articles, outrageously silly posts and disheartening comments some people just deem necessary to share...
It just seems so heavy at times and makes me put my phone down immediately.
And then when it comes to screen time and social media with parenting it gets even harder......

I always have my phone on me-
whether it's texting Zak pics of Liam while he's at the hospital, plugging in an address, looking up a new restaurant, ordering groceries, hello social media...
the list could go on and on.
But since becoming a parent I've tried really hard not to have my phone out at all times.
I don't want Liam to feel like I constantly have my nose in my phone, even though I do use it for so much.
So I try my best to wait till nap time to scroll through Instagram, bed time to read that blog post I heard about or when he's having some independent play time I'll order those said groceries.
It's all kinda a balancing act!

And when I do have it out, I love showing off my cases.
I got these two new ones from CaseApp that are perfect for February!
You all know I'm obsessed with PINK!
So those little hearts and marble print were calling my name!
PS they have allll kinds of super cute cases, not only for your phone, but for your laptop too!
And you can customize them as well-
pretty cool huh?

But back to what I was saying-
social media can also get a little overwhelming at times too-
I mean, just the amount of screens period gets overwhelming.
So a few months ago Zak and I decided that Sundays we'd unplug.
We'd put away our phones, not be on our laptops, turn off the TV {we don't even have one in the living room so that wasn't hard lol} and just focus on one another.
We'll go to church, relax, read together, play outside and have friends over for dinner and game night!
It's so nice you guys.
And obvi there's exceptions, and we're not crazy.
Hi Super Bowl Sunday, the Oscar's, Skyping with grandparents and looking at Pinterest for that special recipe.
But the point is to turn our attention away from screens and onto one another..
as cheesy as that sounds!
And in today's world with that heavy stuff I mentioned above floating around out there-
I think it's good and might I say healthy?! 
For everyone to unplug every once in a while. 

But I did say it was a love/hate relationship!
And there are lots of things that I LOVE!
Like getting to know amazing creatives on Instagram, collaborating with awesome brands, connecting with other bloggers in my area, reading wonderful stories, helping those in need through social sites like GoFundMe, getting to know my readers, re-tweeting funny memes, watching hilarious YouTube videos, leaving great reviews, sharing cute videos of Liam {obsessed with that one}, seeing what old friends are up to and this list too could go on and on!
And hey, I think the positives totally outweigh the negatives!
And that's why I love it so much.
So anywho can we all just promise to be nice to one another and post more inspiring, uplifting and positive things?!
Umm like these cute CaseApp phone cases maybe?!
Sprinkle in a few puppy videos to soften the blow of those political ones?!
Hahaha you know those ones that your cousin's, uncle's, neighbor's best friend loves to post?!
Just wanted to share how I kinda cope with all the craziness that sometimes comes with social media, because hey social stuff should be fun right?!

Hope you have a wonderful night!


A special thanks to the lovely CaseApp for sponsoring this post! 


  1. I love this post, Sidney! You're so right about unplugging. My husband and I recently had a conversation about this because I often go to bed looking at my phone, which is super unhealthy. It's all a balancing act and finding what works for you. I love that you have Sundays to focus on each other. <3

  2. Agreed! Social media can be fun and practical but definitely overbearing. It's nice to unplug from time to time but mostly I think it's necessary. And very good point about being nice to one another. I've loved the community I've met through blogging because everyone is so uplifting and that is exactly what the world needs right now :)

  3. So so true. I feel the exact way. I have to remind myself to put my phone down from time to time and actually live in the moment.

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