postpartum weight loss question and update.

Hi all!
Today I wanted to give a little postpartum weight loss update!
I did one here at 4.5 months postpartum and one here at 9 months postpartum-
so I thought it would be a good time to give another update since I'm now officially a year postpartum! 
In my previous posts I've listed all the steps that helped me get back in shape after baby here {might wanna pin that so you can read it later when you're preggo!}
But now 12 months later it's more than just working out, staying active, eating healthy and nursing that have helped me reach my goal!
I initially gained about 36 lbs, but I've lost almost 50 {ten of that being Liam and all that good ole birthing stuff, TMI? oh well}.
I'm in the best shape I've EVER been in, and this has become a lifestyle for me, not just a 12 week fad diet or trial exercise plan.
It's also not about the number on the scale at all- 
it's how you feel!
I feel strong, capable and I love being able to carry Liam up two flights of stairs and not be outta breath.
I respect my body, so I work it out.
I respect my body, so when we have pizza and ice cream I don't binge myself silly, but I also don't feel food guilt from a few slices as well.
I respect my body, so I give it the water it needs and fuel it with wholesome foods.
That's the biggest change I've seen so far, is that I look at working out and eating so differently-
which makes me treat myself better in return.
I want to be in shape now, so that when I'm 66 I can travel the world with Zak, like we did when we were 26 and not think twice about doing so.
And I want to set a good example for our kiddos as well.
Okay- I could go on and on and on about weight loss and everything I've learned from it lol-
but we'll save that for another time!
Long story short- love your body and treat it with respect!

I've kept up with the Kayla Itsines BBG program and I just love it so much.
I get lots of questions about BBG so I thought I'd answer a few of them here!

1. How many rounds have you done? 
I've skipped lots of weeks, so right now I'm at week 32, which is almost 3 rounds. If I wouldn't have skipped or started over it'd be closer to 4! I'm really trying to be better now that the holidays are over.

2. How do you like it?
I like a ton! Obvi lol. It's helped me become confident in the gym lifting weights and I've seen the best results EVER using her workouts. Also- they're short, but kick your tail which I think I love most. 

3. Do you use the food guides?
In the beginning I did use her food guide, and learned some great new recipes and foods that I still eat today!
But since I was nursing and a new mom with very little time to cook, I just try and eat lots of high protein whole foods.
Once I'm done nursing I'm going to start counting macros again and being more strict on my intake.
I don't restrict myself now since I'm breastfeeding, but try to stick to portion control, and I also now don't eat meat.
However that last part I don't credit with weight loss at all.
Just more being healthy.
You can read more about my food tips and tricks here!!

4. Is this a sponsored post?
Nope!! Just like the program, and love sharing what has worked for me!

The program has also given my confidence in the gym, and I really enjoy lifting weights and doing HIIT!
I used to only do cardio, and to be honest I might have seen the number on the scale go down-
but never saw any of the results I wanted.
I'm all about the squats, jumping lunges and push ups Kayla dishes out!
Don't get me wrong, in the beginning I couldn't do a sit up {I just had a baby hello}, a commando and was dying after doing legs-
but now leg day is my favorite day!
So if you're like me and sometimes just stick to the cardio section, because you're intimidated by the weights or don't know how to use the other machines-
you should totally check out BBG-
she explains everything step by step and you can even do most of it at your home too.

These photos below were taken at 9 months pp and I can see a little difference in my tummy compared to the recent pics-
but I've mostly been seeing the change in my legs, which makes me so happy!
I never thought I could have defined legs-
so if you ever feel that way about a certain area just be consistent and I promise it will happen!
It took me almost a year!
You can do it!!!

So anywho!
Just wanted to give a little postpartum weight loss update!
I'll do another one once Liam stops nursing probably since that'll be a big change for me!
I like to do these posts because,

A. Weight loss has always been something I've struggled with.
B. I finally found a program that works and I truly enjoy it.
C. To spread self love, because it's not about the stupid scale!
And D. Hopefully be an inspiration to anyone trying to get in shape-
because if I can do it, so you can you!!

Don't forget, if you want to read about the steps I took to lose the baby weight click right here,
or if you want to read more about my diet and exercise plan click here!
You can also pin both posts- so you can read them later on too!

Hope this helps!!
And if you have anymore questions, either leave a comment below or shoot me an email at:

Have a lovely day!



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    1. Awe thank you!! That's seriously so sweet. Made my day!

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