new years eve.

Hi lovies!
Just wanted to share our New Years Eve with yah!
We spent the day at my sister's house- she lives in the best neighborhood!
We walked to lunch, let Liam play in the park and checked out the super cool, Barone!
If you're ever visiting Arizona, gotta check out Gilbert- it's such a gem!
Anywho- that night we ordered take out from my fav new vegetarian spot, they make copy cat In and Out fries and burgers that are just bomb.
It's only 5 minutes down the street and very dangerous.
We also didn't make it to midnight, hashtag new parents, hashtag zombies, hashtag we tired.
On Sunday we just churched it up and relaxed all afternoon, making our traditional list of resolutions!
I talked about my biggest one- going vegetarian here and overall just want to keep improving, pushing myself and being brave!
We have a HUGE move coming up and I'm just trying to embrace the change with open arms!
Don't get me wrong, I'm so grateful for his residency spot in San Diego- it was our first choice and hello the beach!!
But, I also really really really love our life here in AZ. 
I've met some really awesome people, gotten some great blogging opportunities and our condo is old lol but in the perfect location!
So yeah, being brave and embracing change are definitely on my list of "to-do's" for 2017.
Twenty 16, you were the best year of our lives!
I don't think anything can top it!
Liam being here was the biggest blessing and parenthood is seriously magical.
And tiring.
But mostly magical.
Thanks Liam for this year, it was silly and happy and fun and perfect-
just like you!

Have a good weekend pretties!
I'm off to the gym because we broke and I wanna watch E!
Wild night!!


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