i'm not crying, you're crying.

You guys!!!!
Did you read the title of this blog post?!
My baby turns one so soon and my heart is breaking.
PS I'm going to frame the photo below.

I've been doing weekly and monthly updates on him since the beginning and I cannot believe he's almost one.
But I do have to say, 11 months is the bees knees!
He's still little and baby like, nursing all the time, crawling and being cuddly-
but his personality is shinning through and his little words are music to my ears! 
He's communicating with us big time!
It will always be a time I totally treasure.

He's got his "b" words down pat too!
He says, "bird, ball, book, boat, bear, bug and almost baby!"
He also loves to say, "dog, cat, mama, dada" and is working on "ro ro ro Romie!"
Literally melts my heart.
He loves to read, and points at all the animals and tries to say the names.
I mean, is this not Zak's child or what?!
Little smarty pants.
When we go outside he immediately looks around and then points at any birds that are flying by-
along with airplanes.
Loves those things too!

Each day I have a goal of getting him out and about playing with other kiddos!
So in the mornings you can either catch us at the park, little gym, library, museum or on a play date with friends.
He just lights up being around other littles and he gets so excited he starts screaming and crawling so fast towards them.
He also loves to adventure everywhere.

He's a pro at going up the stairs, and when he goes down we say, "toe first" and he sticks his little foot out as far as he can to reach the bottom step and then claps with enthusiasm when he makes it!
Him and Zak go on hiking trips together- they explore everything!

On Saturday they conquered South Mountain on a 4 mile hike solo!
Then Zak took him to story time at Barnes and Noble, which about killed me with cuteness.
Zak has been getting home super early so in the afternoons the two of them will just go off and adventure together!

They went to Petsmart a couple days ago to look at all the animals, a splash pad and Target for a treat.
He is the best dad in the world.
They're the best of friends!
I just booked a girls trip to Chicago and Zak cannot wait to have Liam totally solo for a whole weekend-
he's already planning all types of activities.

Liam's also getting better at feeding himself, lol and loves to go to town on strawberries-
watching him try and get everything in his mouth is just so adorable!
Zak and I always say, "we just can't deal!"
He's too cute.
And so happy, and silly, and loud, and smiley!

He can stand on his own for a few minutes-
he's on the verge of taking that first step!

Romie is his BFF and he's starting to really understand "gentle!"
He will crawl up to him, softly pet his back, put his little head on his head and then give him a kiss.
Kills me!!

He also got his first hair cut!
My sister's a pro and cut it while he was playing-
he handled it like a total champ!
He was starting to really look like a girl so we thought it was about time...!

He just keeps us so entertained and we just love him so much it literally hurts.
We always say we just want 10 more Liams!
Sorry future siblings- he's our favorite!!
Jk jk... kinda.
And PS no not preggo!
Anywho, just wanted to jot down some of the memories made during his 11th month-
and list all my favorite things!
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, then it's his actual birthday and this weekend is his party!!
Soooo I gotta get back to planning!
I've been looking forward to this week for a while now and can't believe it's already here!
Let the celebrating begin!!



  1. My babe just turned one and you're right, fastest year ever!!

    1. Don't you wish you could just freeze time?!