gingerbread baking and santa meeting.

Hi everyone!
We love to fill our holidays with fun traditions and festive activities-
so meeting Santa was a must!
Yep, I'm still in that blast from the past series so bare with me!
We heard that Bass Pro Shop has a pretty cool Santa set up so we headed over there one morning when they opened bright and early!
We thought we were so smart coming early.....
But as we pulled up we saw a line wrapped around the outside of the building.
Usually we would've passed- but I was determined to have Liam meet Santa!
Hashtag crazy mom.

So you bet I waited that whole two hours in line.
And it was worth it!
And Liam didn't cry!!
Woot woot.
He didn't really know what to think...

After the big introduction, and Santa calling him a girl.......!!!
We headed home to finish our gingerbread houses {I won the competition by the way}!
It was a fun morning-
something we always said we wanted to do with our kiddos "someday," and it was finally happening!

Thanks Liam for making the holidays funnier and more magical than I could've ever hoped for!
We love you!


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