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Hi friends!
This is throw back Thursday post-
aka a little blast from the past that I never published!
Sooo way way back in December-
why does that seem so long ago?!

One morning Liam and I snuck away for a little treat with a dear friend of mine!
We finally got to try out a little gem in Old Town Scottsdale called, Ruze Cake House!
If you're ever visiting, you totally have to try it out!
It's amazing!
I'm not a huge tea fan, but I had a peppermint green tea and it was the bomb dot com,
The chef also made Liam a special little snowman marshmallow and it was so sweet.
Um also the interior decor is UNREAL!!!!

Like why can't my house look like this?!

We also met my BFF cha at our fav Gilbert spot, Liberty Market for dinner one night!
Liam LOVED the macaroni and literally ate every single noodle and then nursed after-
he's a very large baby you guys.
It was so nice because there's a little grass area behind the restaurant-
perfect for kiddos!
I was able to read a few chapters of The Magnolia Story, while Liam hung out- perfect guys.

If you're in the market for a new read-
this one's a must!
Left me motivated and inspired!!
I just love them so much and need to go to Waco ASAP.

Zak was also on break during this time, so we were soaking in as much family time as we could!
These two just make me the happiest.

These were just a few snaps from this wedding shoot!
It was fun playing bride and groom again!

Nursing, nursing and more nursing.
Those little toes you guys!!

I was also invited to a super fun little blogger dinner with Bethanie from the Garcia Diaries!
It was a blast meeting new faces and getting to chat in the cutest shop EVER Joss and J and Gilbert!!
Another spot yah need to check out.
I swear I just need to like write a cutest places in AZ guide!!
There's soo many good ones!!

This girl below is amazing!! 
She gives the best fitness motivation over on her IG and she just had a baby!!

I mean, how cute is this little event space!?

Back in December, we also went and visited family in Illinois!
It was our first family plane ride believe it or not and we also took a train from Chicago to Galesburg (the little farm town we were visiting).
You guys, traveling by train is super fun.
And wayyy comfortable!
Like hello leg room for days!
It was also snowing during our ride so it was kinda magical!
Oh and Liam also said his first official non babble word on the train too,
Also, funny little story..
we had to take a train from the airport to downtown Chicago to catch our other train-
kinda confusing I know, but just go with it.
However, the two stations were a couple block apart and when we hopped off the train it was snowing like crazy!!
And us being AZ people were not prepared.
So I bundled Liam up, put him in the carrier, then put my jacket over him to cover up and we snow walked as fast as we could to the station!
Mean while Zak, without a jacket, was carrying our bags and carseat way behind us!
Hahahahah I was dying.
This would happen to us.
Thankfully we survived and found food and Diet Coke and were A Okay!

We stayed with Zak's grandma, which if you've been reading my blog at all, you know it's one of our fav places to be!
We just eat and visit and eat and visit some more.
It's so relaxing, and we love it so much. 

See what I mean?
Super relaxing.

This is another fav picture of Liam-
I love capturing moments like this.

View from our window!

Liam LOVED spending time with his gigi!
He would sit in the sink with her and watch all the birds out the window-
the cutest!!

Hahaha sleepy signs from our early morning flight!

Baby on board!
Hashtag dad life.

Okay this might take the cake for fav photo actually!
My heart!

And last, but not least!!
We had Omaha friends in town for a visit and it was a blast catching up with them!
We absolutely love the McEntires and miss them so much.
I can't wait to see this girl again on our girls trip next month!!
Woot woot!!

Anywho, that was December in a nutshell minus the holidays!
Hoped yah enjoyed that little blast from the past hahah!
I keep telling myself, "it's fine" when I'm so late with these posts!
The holidays were cray cray people!
Have an awesome night!


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