big baby even bigger personality.

Hello hello!
Remember when I said I'd be doing a, "blast from the past series" aka catching up from the holidays..
welp this post is just that!
Liam turned TEN months in December and man this age is just like the coolest.
It's also emotional because everyday he's looking less and less baby and more and more toddler.
But his little personality is shining through and he seriously just keeps us laughing all day long.
He sleeps great at night, takes 1-2 naps a day and loves to cuddle in our bed!
He's actually been doing this very sad/unique/we don't know what to call it thing in his sleep where at night we'll hear a little whimper coming from his crib and find him completely asleep either sitting up in the corner or standing and you guys it like BREAKS OUR HEART!!
We obvi go and get him as soon as we see him like that, but it's just so crazy because he's totally asleep!
Hmm wonder where he gets that from...
cough cough ZAK.

Romie is Liam's best friend.
No one gets more smiles, laughs or kisses than Romie!
Kinda makes Zak and I jealous,
but it's also the cutest thing in the world.
We're learning, "gentle" right now because Liam gets so excited when Romie's around that he'll pull and grab at Romie's tail and fur so we're working on "be nice," quite a bit!
Thankfully Romie is so so so patient and doesn't mind.
It was so cute this morning Romie was running after Liam, and if you know Romie he's not an active dog lol, but it's so fun to see how happy Liam makes him in return.
Gosh just the best, I tell yah!

Liam also loves going on hikes with his daddy, playing in the grass, climbing stairs {he just conquered going down them} and will eat anything!
He's a very good eater... wonder where he gets that from!?
And still nurses:)
My favorite.

He's my little bud and makes my days at home the sweetest.
I think mornings with him might be my favorite.
While I drink my coffee and wake up lol he'll go pick outta book, sit in my lap and we'll read it together and he'll point at all the pictures.
I can thank Zak for that awesome habit and love of books he already has-
it's amazing!

This picture below kills me!
His faces are the best.

He's so on the move, still dragging his little leg lol-
and playing ALL. THE. TIME!
He's crazy and wild and 200000% boy.
And we LOVE it.
He's seriously just the best entertainment and keeps of smiling all day.

This are the sweet tender moments I live for!
I know there will come a time when he doesn't nurse or doesn't want to cuddle as much-
which kills me to even write out...
so I savor all of these moments.
I want to remember everything.
Being a mama has been the greatest joy I've ever had, and the biggest blessing.
No matter how big you get Liam, you'll always be our baby!!

Happy ten months William Dean, we love you so!

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  1. Infant shower diversions are fun and keep everybody chuckling. You can do the amusement where you fill a few diapers with laughing