liam's first birthday party.

Last weekend we partied hard in the rain with friends and family to celebrate Liam turning..
Of course all week long it was sunny and 70 degrees, but on the morning of his bash it was pouring!
So we had to do a last minute venue switch and we moved his party to my sister's house, instead of the park.
I had initially made all the decorations specifically for an outdoor space, so I was determined to still have some of it outside-
despite the bad weather.
We set up a bunch of tables underneath her front porch awning and made his tropical dinosaur theme come to life!
I guess Mother Nature was just trying to match the party theme and gave us a tropical storm?
Trying to be optimistic!
But sarcasm aside, it ended up being a really fun day and everything came out cute!
From the delicious food from Rumbi Island Grill, to the sweet treats from Sugar Lane Bakery-
it all came together and we totally had some prehistoric fun!

I set up this little dessert table that was the focal point of the party!
I was in LOVE with his blue Ombre cake that Heather designed from Sugar Lane Bakery made-
and those dino cookies were just darling.
She's seriously like the fairy of desserts and can work wonders in the kitchen!
We picked up some of our favorite donuts from BoSa and made a little donut cake, stacked a few and created "dino eggs" that I placed in my Anthropologie egg carton.  
I used the cutest little cake banner from the Etsy Shop Avalon Sunshine-
she has the cutest cake toppers, banners and party accessories in all the land!
I snagged those little chalkboard labels, similar here, and all the cake stands from Target!
As well as the table cloth, striped napkins, dinos and party hats too!
I made the backdrop... it took lots of time and kept falling from the wind so I don't know if I'd recommend a fringe banner to anyone, unless using solely inside!
I got lots of questions about the decor so I just wanted to list everything out in one spot!

Look at those pretty blues!!
I'm obsessed with how all the colors came out!!
Matched perfectly with the black and white print too.
I made a long banana leaf balloon table runner because I wanted something a little fun for the kiddos-
then used take-out boxes for our Rumbi bowls, which were a hit!
If you're ever serving something in bowls at a party- 
take-out cartons are the way to go.
No mess, one dish and guests can take leftovers, duh!
I got a bunch for cheap on Amazon and they come in lots of colors.

I made little signs that said, "carnivore, herbivore and sweet-ivore" on the food table, since we served Rumbi rice, sauteed veggies, luau pork and fire grilled chicken!
You guys, it was sooo good!
And was the perfect warm meal on a cold day!
And and and fit perfectly with the tropical theme!

These were the said adorably delicious dino cookies mentioned above!

Paper Kite Designs made his modern dino invites that I just love!!
She's soo talented and totally understood my vision and color schemes.
She also makes party kits too!
Next time you have a kiddo bash to throw, totally check out her shop!
Oh and best part!
She also designed the cute little party hats on all the dinos!
It's all about the details people!

After everyone grabbed some food, we sat and watched all the littles play with balloons!
At first I was kinda worried about moving the party inside, since all the activities I had planned were for the playground and sand pit...
but it turns out if you blow up a million balloons-
kids will be in heaven!
Easy peasy!
Liam lights up around other kids and I love watching them interact together, it's my favorite!

I used my chalkboard from home as a little birthday sign, and hung up some cute fringe banners from Jamboree Party Box!
The rain kinda took the best of the sign... but I loved how the fringe worked in with the theme!
I mentioned these in my last post, but she just has the sweetest little Etsy shop with the most darling decor!

We did have chalk out for the littles and then got the bubble machine going, which was a blast!
If you don't have one of those, get one pronto.
They're so fun!
Oh and also for decorations, I ordered these dinos off Amazon and then spray painted them blue!
Zak graciously glued on the mini party hats-
thanks babe, I owe yah one!

We then opened presents!!
Some of Liam's little friends helped out and it was the cutest thing ever!
Liam also kept getting excited with each bag or box and was clapping "yay!!" constantly!
Thank you to all of our friends for the gifts by the way, too sweet!!

Another thanks to my sis for hosting and blowing up all the million balloons!
You the best!!

And I'm so glad my mom was able to join us too!!

Toward the end we sang "Happy Birthday" {Liam was in heaven} and him and the littles shared all the donuts together!
They were feeding each other and it was so funny!
We saved his cake since it was really special and brought it back home with us!
I'm actually eating a piece right now as I type-
it's dangerously good!!

To say Liam had a blast at his first birthday party would be a drastic understatement!
He played his little heart out and slept well that night, let me tell you!!

It's kinda surreal to think we just celebrated his first birthday!
We always dreamed about days like this when we were teenagers, and it's amazing seeing those dreams come true.
I love living life with you Zakary!!
Thanks for going with my crazy ideas and helping me create his prehistoric bash!!

It was a really fun {and really wet} day and we can't thank all of the vendors who helped put it all together!!
Everything looked super cute!!

Happy birthday William Dean, we love you so!


liam turns one.

You have brought more joy and happiness into our lives that we ever thought possible!
You are literally a little slice of heaven on Earth, and our greatest blessing.
Thank you for making us parents Liam, this year has been the best year of our lives and it's all because of you!

Hi loves!
Liam's birthday was as sweet as he is and we had an absolute blast celebrating him from sun up to sun down-
and then some!
In the morning we decorated Liam's crib and he had so much fun playing with all the balloons!
I pinned a similar picture like this way back in college and I remember telling myself that I want to do fun things like that for my babies-
and tadaa!
I did it!
These photos kill me!

Goodness I just wish I could freeze time.
Everything is perfect right now, I don't want it to change.
Liam is the happiest child, which puts Zak and I on cloud nine!

This custom banner is from a shop on Etsy called Big Kid Banner-
they have the cutest signs for all occasions!
My hope is to hang this sign every year on his birthday to watch him grow!
It's one of my favorite keepsakes.

After our crib party we sang happy birthday and had a donut cake for breakfast-
yep you heard that right!
I told yah, we celebrated all day long!!

And he sure did love it.
This kid is the best eater!!
There's not much this little 28.5 lb 33 in long babe doesn't like!

The pics below are of him blowing kisses!
So sweet Liam.

After breakfast we got ready and headed to the zoo bright and early!
We got passes so now we can get in early,
and we're there ALL the time!
We literally live walking distance, so we're now regulars.
I kinda love it. 

After a long day at the zoo, 
we came back, took a nice long nap, and then it was time for CAKE!
You guys, I'm not a very seasoned baker, and have made cakes a few times.
Like the rectangle cakes you see at church picnics... you know which ones I'm talking about?
But for Liam's, I researched a bunch and was determined to make a flat top cake that was your traditional birthday model-
and the finished product wasn't too shabby!
I was impressed with myself.
Not too bad, for a box cake huh?

I just set up a little cake smash area in his room and let him go to town!
It was the cutest thing ever!!!
And he enjoyed every bite.

I got this "one" cursive balloon from a shop on Etsy called Jamboree Party Box!
If you ever need any party decor at all, stop and check out her shop.
It's what dreams are made of!
She has the best selection and the cutest style ever.
I also got some super cute fringe streamers that I used at his party, I'll show yah in my next post.

This may be one of my all time favorite photos of him.
I mean, come on.
Liam you're the greatest.

Going in for round two!

After cake it was time for a little more substantial dinner, bath and bed after a fun filled day.
I'm filing this under, memories to never forget.
This year has been the bees knees and his first birthday, just the three of us {well four with pookie bear} was the cherry on top.
Thanks Liam for being the light of our life!

We love you so!