walking down the aisle...again.


Oh Happy Day everyone!
I'm super excited to share this fun little shoot we did a few weeks ago!
I was asked to collaborate on a wedding inspiration and you know I LOVE all things wedding so I was down.
It was at the the Hotel Valley Ho, which I've been dying to check out.
I'm a tad bit obsessed with Palms Springs, and and this place is a spitting image of the desert Oasis. 
A mid century modern wedding just has my heart!
As we were taking photos people kept coming up and saying, "congratulations!" 
It was fun to play bride and groom again.
I wish we could wear wedding dresses more than on our wedding day-
they're just so dang pretty!

I thought it'd also be fun to think of a few things I'd want to tell my newlywed self if I could go back in time!
Wearing this dress and veil just made all the emotions come back to life!
Planning a wedding is a ton of fun but..
a lot of work too!

So if there's a few things I'd say to Sid and Zak circa May 2013 it'd be....

1. Your wedding is going to be perfect! And everything will be get paid for. Seating arrangements are crappy to do- but don't stress because people end up moving all around! Less is more and don't sweat the small stuff Sid.. cough cough that's why you hired a planner! 
Let others help!:)
Hashtag control freak. 

Oh and PS in case you wanted a little behind the scenes look at this shoot hahah!
La Bella Bridal is the BEST!
And made sure the dress fit just right.

2. Be glad you did your first look! People said it wouldn't be traditional.. and it wasn't!
But it was so special and intimate.
Something we'll always remember!
And hey.. walking down the isle is still special too!
We didn't see each other at all that day-
so you best believe we both still had butterflies!!

3. You don't know it right now.. but in two weeks your whole worlds going to CHANGE!!
Zak gets accepted in medical school {sigh of relief}, you're going to move out of state, it's going to be hard because you won't know a single soul.. but give it time and it'll be some of the best years of your life, I promise!!
You'll snag that reporting job, you'll meet life long friends, you'll adopt the sweetest pup and have the best newlywed memories ever. 

4. Also- don't diet before the wedding! It's true what they say.. all brides lose weight the week of  their wedding because of stress! So eat all the donuts you want girlfriend! And same goes for those stupid tanning beds. Listen to Zak and your mom! They're so unhealthy! And not worth the wrinkles you'll have at 30. Love the skin you're in!

5. You're marrying a good one. Not just good, but the best. He's amazing and terrific and from the get go he's told you his goal in life is to make you happy- and he never forgets that. 
And he's not only going to become a phenomenal husband, but he'll be an even greater dad, doctor and best friend throughout this wild adventure.

Goodness I just love weddings!!
Always so sweet.
Here are the details:

Venue: Hotel Valley Ho

Florist: PV Florist 

Dress store: La Bella Bridal 

Welp I hope you have an amazing day!
Liam and I are just hanging out and plan to enjoy this beautiful AZ winter sunshine this afternoon!



  1. Sidney, you look beyond stunning! If my wedding photos turn out half as good as this, I will be so greatful!

  2. Love the gown! I'm afraid I'll never be able to choose one dress if I ever do get married. I'd rather play dress up and wear them all too!


  3. Oh Sidney this is so beautiful! I think you make a gorgeous bride and should do these more often ( jsut for photoshoots of course lol). That dress is very feminine but modern. LOVE!!

  4. Ah how fun to "re-do" such a special day! You are beautiful in white! Sometimes I put my wedding dress on to just feel the emotions of my wedding day again :)

  5. How fun is this shoot! I would love to go back in time with Aaron! I love the back of this dress so much.

  6. You look so amazing! I'd love to do this with hubby again 😍

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