top baby trends for 2017 TV segment.

Hi everyone!
How's your day going?!
Mine has been pretty exciting- and not the typical Tuesday by any means.
Today I went back on television!
Yep, you read that right.
I was asked to be a spokesperson for a wonderful company called Brilliant PR and Marketing to chat a little bit about the best baby products for 2017!
And you all know I LOVE talking all things baby!
Especially about products that are easy to use, super helpful and take any stress away from parents.
I did a fun segment with the Arizona Midday show, which airs on the NBC channel here in Phoenix.
It was really cool being back at a news station, and right across the street from my Alma Mater.

It was also the day they had rescue dogs on the show, so you know I made some new furry friends!
Isn't Henry the cutest!?
You can see more of my behind the scenes videos I posted here on my Instagram stories. 
The studio was so pretty, and everyone was really welcoming!

Below you can see the products I shared!
First up was the Miracle Baby, Miracle Blanket- it's the number one pediatrician recommended swaddle, in the world!
Really easy to use, and helps babies sleep longer and better!
The second product was the Ola Baby Trimmo Electric Nail Trimmer!
It's this awesome file that I seriously can't wait to use on Liam!
I hate hate hate using nail clippers, so this is totally my jam.
You can sync it up to your smart phone and then put a little pad underneath baby's arm while he sleeps and if he gets a fever it alerts the app on your phone.
I mean, something that takes away the anxiety that sometimes creeps up when you put baby down is a win in my book.
The fourth items were these really cute and fun sensory learning toys from Playgro.
The Doofy Dog and Blossom Butterfly are great for baby to learn colors, shapes and textures.
And last but not least is the Marcus and Marcus Rocket Feeding Spoon Dispenser.
It's a super cool spoon that you actually put baby food inside of, to help make meal time less messy!
And it's really cute too!
I can't wait to have Liam give it a go!

It was such a fun segment, and felt really good to be back on camera doing what I love-
talking all about the latest and greatest in the baby world!
If you'd like to watch the show, click HERE!

Have a lovely night everyone!



  1. How fun!! I didn't realize that News & TV are your roots. Looks like such a fun segment. I'll have to take some notes ;)

  2. Hoping I get pregnant soon! These are great :)

    Melissa Stylista Fitness

  3. Way to blend your two interests together. I'm not a mom yet but I'd totally take notes if I were.You're so cute! Looks like a fun segment I bet!


  4. Way to blend your two interests together. Look like a fun segment I bet. I'm not a mom but I'd totally take notes from you if I were. You're so cute!


  5. Such great ideas. So many moms will love this post! Cute segment :) xo-

  6. I hope these trends are around when I'm ready to have children! You look great in kelly green!!

  7. How fun is this!? I have never been on TV but I imagine it is a blast. Plus I love babies.. and puppies!

  8. OMG How fun!I've always been interested in seeing what all goes on behind the scenes of television, so I bet it was so interesting. You look adorable as always!