liam's first thanksgiving.

Hi loves!!
We hosted Thanksgiving again this year and it was so so special!!
Really, after everyone left Zak and I were just like, dang this was a good day.
And it was extra special because it was Liam's first Thanksgiving!

Funny little story!
The day before Thanksgiving, Zak and I went to Walmart to get everything-
yes big mistake, I know.
And I had called my mom asking about which kinda box stuffing to get lol and then she was like,
"sooooo how's the turkey doing?"
And I was like, "fine, it's in the cart lol."
And she was like, "is it a fresh one? I thought you were going to get a frozen one?"
Me: "I did get a frozen one, it's in my cart!"
Mom: "Sid... it has to thaw for like 3 days..."
Hahahaha so long story short we ended up buying two small fresh turkeys lol because they were outta big ones.
This would only happen to Zak and I, so classic.
But it ended up going well!
Super early that morning Zak and his bff Eddie man handled the bird and got her all prepped for cooking-
kinda the most stressful part!
And then we made some of the other sides till my super hero sis came in and took over!
She's just so good at cooking!
Everything came out amazingly!

Each person had a little name card with a pencil at their place setting,
and it's our little tradition that during dinner we write down all the things we're thankful for, and then go around and share!
It's one of my favorite parts of the day.
And when it was my mom and Cole's turn...
they announced they were ENGAGED!!!
How amazing/wonderful/awesome/cool is that?!
Cole is such a huge blessing in our lives and we're so so so grateful that he's apart of our family!
I mean, how did we get so lucky?!
That was def, a highlight of our afternoon!

It was also our niece's birthday that weekend so we had to end dinner with some cake and candles!
Happy birthday Kennedy!!

Then it was time for dessert, my favorite part!!
I turned my bar cart, into a pie cart- and wish it could've stayed like that forever!
It was so cute and festive.
PS you can see all of my Thanksgiving decor here!!

I made these little heart shaped blue berry pies that were amazing!!
After dinner, Zak and I love to get the kitchen all cleaned up and then we break into the sweets, put on a movie, light some candles and play some games to end the night!
Gosh I love doing life with him.
And I'm so thankful our friends and family were able to make it-
being with everyone, especially on Liam's first Thanksgiving was really the best.

On black Friday, instead of hitting the mall we hit the trails and went for a nice long hike!
We decided that's going to be our new black Friday tradition- spending less money and more time outside!
We're so lucky to have some beautiful mountains literally across the street from us!
The fact that we don't have to drive to get a good hike in, is really awesome.
It was also the perfect way to walk off some of those calories we consumed the day before lol.

Gosh I love my little crew!

That weekend we mainly hung out at home-
I got some snuggly time with my babe- I never want him to grow up!
And yes, we also snagged a ton of leftovers..
so you know we were eating those all weekend long!

Oh yeah!
We also spent some time over at Zak's dad's house, and Liam had a blast playing basketball, he was in heaven!!
Look at that face!!
He loves any type of ball, I wonder who he gets it from!?

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!!


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