my new year resolution.

Happy New Years everyone!!!!
Did you have a fabulous night and stay up till midnight with your besties?
Or were you more of a comfy clothes, date night on the couch with a good movie kinda celebrator?
We were the latter!
Hashtag tired parents.
But, even though it might seem kinda lame- it was the perfect day and even better night for us.
I'll share all about it soon!
But first I wanted to just tell you about my New Years resolution!!

I LOVE resolutions.
I'm all about starting fresh, breaking bad habits, making good ones..
the whole nine yards!
And not to toot my own horn, but for some reason I'm pretty good at keeping them too!
Like for instance I once went a year and a half sans Diet Coke/caffeine!!!
That's huge for me guys.

And two years ago I vowed to live a healthy life-
mentally treating my body with respect and kindness, physically by making exercise not a resolution, but a lifestyle and eating well.
Since then, I've stayed on track!
And eight years ago, yes EIGHT, I stopped eating red meat.
Woot woot!
That's kinda my pride and joy right there. 

So when thinking of a resolution for this year, I started coming up with a long list!
And then it got overwhelming.
So I decided to make personal goals and changes I want to make this year like-
getting ready each morning {gym clothes don't count}, maybe learning how to sew, designing more, and LOTS with the blog.
Just stuff that I want to do or should've already been doing. 
Zak and I then made goals for ourselves, and our little family-
like bringing back weekly date nights!

This year we were actually really good about adapting and changing.
If there was something we didn't like, we'd fix it.
Especially in the parenting department.
We decided we needed to eat meals together at the table more, so now that's what we do.
We decided we needed to eat more wholesome foods, so we cook together.
We decided Sundays should be tech free, so we put down our phones.
Sometimes it's nice just doing things right away and seeing results pronto.

But there's some stuff that I like to wait and hold for the new year.
And this time it's that I'm going VEGETARIAN!!
And I'm so pumped.
Like I said above, I haven't eaten red meat in eight years, and it was just time to jump all in!
Goodbye turkey burgers, hello veggie patties!!
Guys, we made zucchini meatballs last night and they were bomb.
And for the record, Liam will still eat all the meats he wants!
It's just mama who's going veggie.
I'm going to start tracking {counting macros} my protein as well to ensure I'm staying healthy and all that jazz.
So anywho, got any good vegetarian recipes or restaurants?!
Send them my way!

Do you have any fun resolutions you're making this year?!
If not, no worries!
Sometimes things are going just fine- and why fix what's not broke?!
I saw this quote on Instagram, and I think it what we all need to hear when it comes to making new goals for the new year!
"Be easy on yourself. Do not rush to write down half hearted resolutions and force accelerated change on your life. To resolve means to find a solution to a problem. You are not a problem. The way you showed up the past year was necessary for your growth to happen. Now it is time to pause. To reflect. To learn. To let go. To create intention, a positive call to shift, rooted in self love, backed with your action."

And with that I wish you the happiest and healthiest New Year!!!
Thank you so much for all the love and support you've given this little ole blog of mine this past year.

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Photo: Rebecca Condruti 


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