everything matters.

Happy Monday everyone!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Ours was slow and sweet, as we were all recovering from a nasty cold that's just hung around for far too long!
However, the weather here was phenomenal so we did spend as much time outdoors, just soaking up the sun.
Anywho, today I wanted to talk a little bit about parenting, specifically one thing that it's taught us and that is-
everything matters.

I know, that's kinda broad blanket statement, but being a mama has shown me that these little babes are like sponges, and everything you say or do imprints on them.
So first and foremost, I really try hard to be a good example for him.
And it can be hard!!!
Cough cough sometimes binge watching Netflix just sounds really good.
But from putting down my phone, not raising my voice when I'm frustrated to eating healthy and working out-
everything I do now is for and because of Liam!
And secondly, everything I do matters.
The sweet words I whisper even though he doesn't understand them matter.
The time I spend putting all his toys away so he can feel triumphant and pull them allllll out matters.
Those early early early morning play times matter.
Do you see a pattern yet?

All the good you try and do for them, even though it might not get recognized or understood or feels like it matters yet.. well in fact matters.
And that's what motivates me during those kinda hard times where dang it nap time was skipped, teething's been rough, I didn't get a single to-do finished and going to the gym is not happening lol.
One perfect example of this is reading. 
Zak started reading to Liam when he was in my belly {so cute I know}, then at the hospital he read to him {Harry Potter of course}, once we were home Zak would read him all kinds fun books, after he was a little bigger Dr. Seuss was our go to and Liam loved listening to the rhymes, fast forward a few months and each morning Zak would get up with Liam and they would sit together and read all of his board books pointing at all the animals and saying all the words aloud...
and now..

now Liam {literally as I'm typing} is sitting down by himself flipping through a book babbling and pointing at all the pictures-
it's his favorite thing!
We never knew if he ever liked us reading to him, if he could understand it or cared..
but he did.
And it's helped him developmentally and hopefully reading and learning will always stick with him!
It matters!
All those books, all of those pictures all of the time spent reading with him..
instead of oh watching a show and being on our phones...
It made a difference.
It's so incredible to see. 

And fun fact, since Liam was about 4-months-old we've partnered with an amazing literacy company, BookRoo.
Each month they send Liam a personalized box full of beautiful books that he just adores!
To this day, some of his BookRoo books are his favorites!
All of these photos are months apart, and you can see how excited he gets about reading.
If you're ever looking for a fun gift, idea or just learning tool that gets little's pumped about reading and education- you gotta try out BookRoo.
Their mission is amazing, it's affordable and a small business that truly cares about teaching kids the love of literature.
Zak and I can honestly go on and on about them..!

And my hope and belief is that maybe in five, ten or heck 20 years from now Liam looks back at his childhood and loves all the things {big and small} we did for him, like reading!!
And he in returns shows that love, compassion, respect and care not only for his little family, but for his friends, co-workers strangers-
anyone or anything!
So anywho, if you're ever feeling defeated, or tired or thinking that the little things you're doing are pointless-
they're not and they matter and you're amazing!

Have a good Monday loves!



  1. Yes! So much yes! Everything now is for and because of him. Cheers to raising little bookworms!

    1. Totally! Now that he's bigger it just hit me like a ton of bricks! Have a great weekend love!

  2. These are the sweetest photos! Liam is so cute. I love that Zak started reading to him in the womb. Such a great message!

  3. Oh my, he is just adorable! I'll have to remember all your amazing tips and recommendations if I ever become a mom. Might take a while so please keep blogging ;)


  4. You guys are the cutest! OMG there's a box for everything these days

  5. Ahh what a cute mom you are! You two make the best little duo. I do not have a baby but if I did I would get that box! Adorable!

  6. SO adorable! You are such a cute mom. Love seeing your posts about Liam. Such a cutie!