celebrating life's moments.

Hi all!
Hope your week has been going well!
This week was Zak's kinda first time back at school in like two months...
so we've been adjusting!!
And before that we were really trying to just soak up that time together and I took a little break from posting.
But I'm back!!
Haha it's only been like two weeks, but feels like forever!
And now I wanna do a few blast from the past posts if yah don't mind?!
Since the holidays I feel like I left out some just life stuff.
And my phone storage is about to explode and I realized I had forgotten some stuff!
I post all the time to Instagram stories now, and it almost feels like a little blog post at times.
But, bear with me as we take it back to drum roll please...
I know, I know.
I'm sorry!!
Lets blame it on the holiday craziness okay?!
Anywho, the boys crashed a lunch date with my bff Charlcie-
but it was okay because we were celebrating that...

I can't wait to meet that little precious GIRL!!!
She already has the best parents in the whole wide world.
And is SO loved by SO many!!!
And Liam can't wait to meet her either!

Also way back in November was the ever so sweet presidential election....!!
And how fitting is it that I'm posting this the night of the inauguration?!
Haha who'd a thought!
Back in the day, election night usually meant I was running around like a mad woman at the news station covering the local elections-
but this year I was obviously home and we had to throw a little election themed dinner!
Because regardless of political affiliation or the outcome-
you gotta celebrate democracy-
even if it's kinda cray cray!
Did I say that?!
Politics man.
Zak and I love having themed dinner nights, special occasions {like ordering take-out from our fav place for the last game of the World Series}!
It's the little things in life that make the big picture so great.

November is also when Arizona started showing off her glorious winter weather!!
In the afternoons you could always catch us playing outside!

This is also the month that Liam started giving KISSES!!!
I think Zak and I about died.
To this day, we still ask for multiple kisses!
It's the best feeling in the world getting a little smooch from him-
you can see the video here!

This kid seriously makes me the happiest!
His personality is just so cute and funny and silly and feisty.
I was sent this cute t-shirt from @wivescloset on Instagram and it's one of my favorites now!
And I kinda love the saying,
'Mom life is the best life!"

We also celebrated Liam's 9 month birthday!
Complete with homemade cupcakes!
We let him just go to town, to see if he'd like them...
lol and obviously this child LOVED them.
Giving them new foods is seriously so fun.
I think he might have a sweet tooth like his mama!

Zak and I also got to sneak away for a few date nights- shout out to my mom!
We saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them-
It was so good!!
The crazy animal lady in me just loved it.
And PS I also just love this handsome man of mine!
Thanks for still taking me on hot dates, letting me always get ice cream after and supporting my wild dreams!
I love you!

I also got to see my pop too!!!
And he's also coming in a few days and I seriously can't wait!!!!!
We try to see each other monthly, but December was kinda crazy so we've been way overdue for a visit, and I'm so excited!!!!

Zak snapped this pic of the sunset- I swear Arizona has THE BEST sunsets!
Ask anyone!

I mentioned above that Zak had like two months off from school, and man was that amazing!
I feel like him and Liam grew a whole new bond because of it!
He's at such a big boy stage now, and the two of them are just like best buds.
Zak's seriously the best.
This whole parenting gig has always been a partnership from the beginning, and I'm so grateful he's such a hands on 2000000% involved parent.
I could just go on and on..
ah like in the mornings!!
He always takes Liam in the morning and mama gets a couple hours to sleep in!!
And then when I wake up I hear the cutest laughs, giggles and roars coming from the living room-
my favorite sounds in the whole wide world.
Anyway, Zak's the best and Liam loves him so much.
He's def the cooler parent!

I mean, I have to frame this picture!!
Zak's been taking Liam on hiking adventures, just the two of them and it kills me.
So stinkin cute.
These two have my whole heart I tell yah!

So anywho those were just some photos that I hadn't got to share from November.
And I think something that I wanted to remind everyone about is to celebrate life's moments-
no matter how big or small, celebrating all of life's moments is what paints the big picture!
We like  to say there's always an excuse to celebrate- so do it!

Have a great night everyone!



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