happy october

Happy October!!
Best. Month. Ever.
Zak's days off are rare these days so when he snagged one-
we coined it our Halloween Kick Off Day!
It really was perfect.
Just one of those days that was so festive, fun and that you wish you could re do over 
and over again. 

- ate cinnamon rolls and drank coffee outside in the chilly morning air
- baked four loaves of pumpkin bread
- and got out our Halloween decorations!

Liam ran around the house yelling and pointing,

Taking little licks of the best part.

I love sharing family traditions with him!

It's crazy becuase we have pictures of him in this same hat a year ago-
and it seems like a completely different person!
So crazy... and sad.
Stop growing up!!

After nap time we headed to Oma's Pumpkin Patch!
And listen up SD mamas!
If you have a toddler- this patch is for you.
Literally all of Liam's dreams came true.
Oh and go on a weekday- it was empty!
Like really, we were the only ones when we showed up.

Once we walked up to the farm we saw an empty field filled with balls, Liam's favorite farm animals and a whole entire sand lots with millions of trucks.
That is literally everything he loves!
Trucks, balls and animals from his books!

I mean, truck heaven.

There were also tons of rides, slides, a toddler play area and a million more things to do.

Oh and fun fact:
Zak and I tend to be a little competitive with each other..
and we started playing teather ball- remember that?!
And well it ended with me being SMACKED IN THE FACE.
I had tears you guys.
It was a disaster.
But it was okay because then we went and saw the baby pigs and my day was made.

We also decided that we totally need to get Liam a little car-
he was obsessed and didn't want to leave that thing.

Liam couldn't handle all the tractors and trucks!
He's obsessed with those in his books, so it was so fun to see them in real life!

Liam was so so so pooped by 5:00!
He just wanted mama and I carried him all the way to the car where he crashed.
That is a sign of a good day!
And then Zak and I treated ourselves to Popsicle's in the car and a date night on the couch. 

Perfect way to kick off the holidays!
Happy fall everybody!


exploring the city.

Hello sweets!
Throughout September we managed to explore different little neighborhoods and cities around San Diego and it was so much fun.
One weekend I told Zak, lets go explore North County!
So we packed Liam up, and off we went.
We found this cute little surf town called Leucadia and decided it was the perfect place to adventure.

Liam loves to hold our hands and just walk-
which then gives Zak and I plenty of time to just catch up and chat about life.
This night in particular we had a really important talk about our future, where we felt we needed to be and our Navy plans-
if that's such a thing ha!
You can never plan with the military- but we try!
And we kinda came to some really big life choices and now look back at this night as a turning point in our chapter and love Leucadia for it!
And I know I'm being super vague here- I promise I'll explain more down the line!

Another spot we love to frequent is Coronado Island!
If you're ever there- ya gotta swing into Clayton's for a meal, coffee or just dessert!
It's a classic vintage diner that we love!

My favorite breakfast meal is dry rye toast, and plain jane oatmeal with strawberries!
I know, so boring.
But, I love it!

Afterwards we love walking the neighborhood, checking out the houses and then swing by the park for play time.
Perfect start to our day!

Little Italy is another neighborhood we love walking!
We start at the Northest point, about Kettner Blvd. and Kalmia Street and pop into Architectural Salvage of San Diego {if you love Fixer Upper you'll love this place} and then watch the planes land for a while!
They come down SO LOW!!
It's super fun to watch!
Then we head south and just pretend we're in New York!

And duh!
We have to eat PIZZA!
Liam is a lover of pizza- and goes to town!
He was also the cutest little date in his collard shirt!

We always hoped our baby would like adventure-
and man oh man does he!
All he wants to do is get out and walk!
It's the best.

We also walk into our little downtown North Park area once or twice a week!
And try not to order from the same restaurant twice-
but man we've been loving poke bowls lately.
There's also this bright purple house on our way that I love-
so my IG husband snapped a pic for me.

We always dip into Pigment so mama can walk around too-
and then eat on the sidewalk so Liam can oooh and awee at all the buses!
He's such a little city kid-
I love it!

And then we hit up Balboa Park after Dark with friends!
They bring all the food trucks out and people can eat and check out the museums while music plays-
it was such a fun night.
We had been meaning to go all summer, and I'm so glad we were able to make it!

Oh and on a random note we all kinda got sick...
Thanks babe!
Hashtag pediatrician life.
So Popsicle have been our jam.
Liam and I like to walk to the corner store to share a couple and then make our way to the park.
Perfect afternoon!

And last but not least-
Point Loma Liberty Station!
We finally went to the Corvette Diner with my mom and aunt for lunch-
it's all 50's and super cute!
The servers dance, throw straws at yah and there's a big arcade in the back!
Liam played his first games and loved racing the car with my mom!
Can't wait to go back with Zak!

So yes-
we adventured, and we adventured hard this month,
 since we knew Zak's schedule would get getting a little harder.
Goodness San Diego- you're kinda perfect and we love you!

Hope you're having a great week!