zak is going to be a pediatrician!

Hello everyone!!
Oh my goodness do I have some AMAZING news to share with you!
We'll be trading in desert sand for sandy beaches this spring/summer!!
It might not seem like a big deal to people outside of the medical world, but it's like successfully checking off the biggest med school accomplishment EVER!!
It means Zak's going to be a PEDIATRICIAN!!!!
Like, it's really really really happening!!!!!
This has been almost four years in the making and we're so thrilled to be heading to San Diego for residency!

The whole match process is kinda confusing so I wanted to quickly explain how it works.
Fourth year medical students have to go through a mutual selection process in order to continue their training and get accepted into a residency program.
Students apply, interview and rank their top programs and then the programs do the same back.
It's a lot more complicated than that lol but that's the simple explanation!
We loved all of the different Naval pediatric programs, and would've been so happy at any of the locations!
However, San Diego was our top choice because-
A. Closer to family and B. the weather!!
So we're pretty pumped to be moving to the beach!!

Zak has worked his tail off doing research, extra curricular activities, honoring his rotations and STUDYING FOREVER to get to this point and I couldn't be more proud.
He is amazing and continues to blow my mind each and every day.
He's the smartest man I know, and has a heart of gold-
he's going to be such a phenomenal doctor and truly make a difference for so many children.
I believe with my whole heart that this is his calling in life, and I'm forever thankful to the Lord for guiding us down this path.
Gosh how did I get so lucky?!

I remember wayyyy back in college-
before Zak had decided to even go to medical school that we were on a little road trip talking about our future.
Medicine was kinda an idea he had been playing around with, and said if he went into that field he'd want to make a difference and work with kids.
That whole drive we started brainstorming fun ideas of what his pediatric office would look like, what themes each room would be- yah know really day dreaming about the details not knowing what all we'd have to do to get there lol!
Well fast forward to getting into medical school- woot woot!
Zak was still interested in peds, did some extra rotations and always kept the idea in the back of his mind.
A couple years later we thought some other specialties would be really cool..
but then baby Liam came along-
and pediatrics just made sense.
The idea clicked and I can't imagine Zak doing anything else!
It's come full circle, and I know Dr. Zak is just going to be the best pediatrician.
Babe you did it!!!!!!
We matched!!!!!
I love you so much and you make me sooooo proud!
Now lets go celebrate!


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