tip tuesday: healthy holidays.

Hi all!
How's your week been going?!
We're about to head out the door to meet SANTA!!!
Then we're getting gifts for loved ones.
It should be a pretty awesome day!
Today I wanted to quickly share a few tips that I use to stay healthy throughout the holidays.
Because we all know those gingerbread house candies and Christmas cookies are calling my name!
On Saturday I attended a super fun Orange Theory class that was sponsored by Jamba Juice!

I love a good workout and I've been wanting to try out OTF for a while so it was the perfect break in between all the holiday parties!
Also big thanks to me sweet friend, and OTF expert Mikayla for coming with me!
She's been raving about these classes, and it was a blast doing it together!
We also got to try some of the "better blended' smoothies and man were they delish.
They were so good that today I'm sharing a little 'buy one get one free' coupon so you can try one too!!
We're totally planning on using that puppy today while were out and about running errands.
I'm all about healthy choices on the go!

1. DRINK WATER!! I can't say it enough. I try and drink one bottle before each meal, and then one after to A. ensure I'm getting enough fluids and B. it prevents me from over eating.

2. TREAT YO SELF! But in moderation. I'm a firm believer in balance. If you're going to a party where there's bound to be cards galore- fill your plate with as much veggies and proteins and then save one or two cookies for your dessert! You don't have to restrict yourself completely- having a cookie isn't going to hurt. Just make sure it's not a dozen;)

3. STAY ACTIVE. Try and plan out holiday events that keep you moving. Go stroll around Zoo Lights, instead of driving to see Christmas lights, stop and walk the neighborhood. Take that dreaded last parking spot in the middle of nowhere to get in some extra steps. Plan a family hike (well that is if you're in sunny AZ like us), or take a break and have a snowball fight! It's all about the little things. If you can't make it to the gym every single day this week- that's okay! You can still stay active.

Hope these little tips help!
They're just simple and easy and totally my go-to's this week.
Just remember you're amazing and doing the best you can!

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Make sure and read all the details before using:)

Hope you enjoy!



  1. YES to staying active and drinking more water! I feel like so many people are tempted to just give up on healthy eating during the holidays, but it's totally doable!

    1. I know!! Water is like the KEY!! Helps so so much!! Have a wonderful Christmas love!!