desert dweller.

Hello sweets!
Only four more sleeps till CHRISTMAS!!!
Can you believe it!?
Because I sure can't.
Zak and I just bought all of our presents hashtag procrastinators-
and we might be working on our Christmas card right now..
hashtag super procrastinators.
But hey, better late than never, right?!
I like to showcase things I love on this little corner of the internet and today I'm excited to show you some super cute cactus print wrapping paper from the amazingly talented Eleni Paper Co.!
 I'm kinda obsessed with her Etsy shop, it's beyond beautiful.

When it comes to wrapping gifts I try and stick to an overall theme-
similar colors, patterns, prints, etc.
I usually stick with traditional/classic-
but this year I wanted to change things up!
And since it's our last holiday in Arizona, I thought it'd be fun to bid farewell to the desert by having our theme be cacti!
And I mean, when I found this pink paper I was kinda in love.
So this year we're mixing and matching and throwing in touches of mod and I'm totally digging it.

This paper was all created from hand-painted original watercolor illustrations by Eleni herself!
How cool is that?!
I love incorporating where we live in our presents!
And I wanted to share with yah how to make Christmas unique to your home!  

1. Wrapping paper! Pick your theme and go with it! Mine are cacti-  but you could do taxis and apples for NYC, retro surfboards and beach umbrellas for Cali, woodland animals for forested areas, cute little peaches for Georgia- the list could go on and on!

2. Baked Goods! I just found the cutest cacti shaped cookies from a local bakery that I can't wait to share with everyone on Christmas! And if you can't find what you're looking for- make it! There's tons of cheap custom cookie cutters online. Everyone at your dinner table will love them!

3. Take Christmas cards locally! Show off where yah live! I'm really not the biggest desert fan, but this year I've fallen in love with the pretty mountains and green cacti- so that's where we took our family photos.

After reading this Zak also added that we should've just bought a cactus instead of a Christmas tree to really be gung hoe AZ locals.

We're planning on wrapping gifts for Liam all Christmas Eve and I can't wait!!
It's going to be a party!!
Goodness isn't this time of the year just the best!?

Have a lovely day all!

WEARING: dress on sale!! 
And when linking it I just realized it says it's maternity lol! Oh well- at least I know with the next baby I can wear it! So if you like it- size down! I'm wearing XS.
WRAPPING PAPER: Pink Cacti, Green Cacti 


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