2016 take-aways.

Hi friends!!
How was your Christmas weekend?!
Ours was full of family, food and lots of fun.
Man, Christmas is so awesome with littles.
Also tiring- but oh so good.
Yesterday we spent the day resting, relaxing and reflecting on Liam's first holiday.
Mama even snuck off for a little solo time and got a pedicure and cracked open my new book, Magnolia Story.
All you Fixer Upper fans know what book I'm talking about!
So so good!!

And with all that down time, and the new year quickly approaching I started to think about this past year-
highs, lows, trials, lessons and blessings.
It was such an unbelievable year.
I think Zak and I agree it's been the best year of our lives so far.
Welcoming Liam just opened a whole new chapter for us, and parenthood has been wonderful.
Upon reflecting, I love collecting lessons from the year.
What the heck am I taking away, other than the sweet sweet memories?!
I'm a firm believer that you can learn something from anything.
So I got to thinking, and man 2016 was a great teacher.

I really learned to set goals, and conquer them!
Just really go for what I want.
After having Liam, I was determined to lose my baby weight.
Welp, almost 50lbs later- I've not only done that, but I'm stronger than ever.
I made a plan, got my support {thanks babe} and went to work.
Another goal: growing this blog.
Yep! That was one of them.
Again after having Liam, my goal was to find happiness outside of motherhood.
Being a mama makes you cry happy tears because it's so wonderful, but you also need something other than that little bundle of joy that makes you smile- something that's just for you.
And one day, it just kinda hit me and again thanks babe for helping me sit down, write out my goals and start putting more time and energy into this little corner on the internet.
I've been blogging for five years now, and hello! Why not put more love into it?!
It's what I've always loved doing- so it was kinda perfect.
And since that little epiphany, almost seven months later my blog has grown tremendously.
I've gotten to work with incredible brands, travel to some awesome places and I've been given some really great opportunities as well.
So long story short-
making goals and killing them!

This year has also taught me grace.
To be easy on myself, be patient and love my body.
As long as I'm doing my best, and trying my hardest-
I'm a full believer in giving yourself grace.
You cannot do everything, but you can do anything.
Meaning, don't spread yourself too thin.
Take on what you can, and leave the rest.
It's okay to say no, or take a break.
It's that simple!

Comparison is the thief of joy!
Everyone is in different seasons of life.
Your hectic/stressful schedule right now, might be someones else's paid time off.
Therefore- don't compare your life to someone else's.
Instead, if that's something you want- make that your motivation or inspiration.
But, her success isn't your failure.
So keep making those goals, giving yourself grace and just keep your eyes on the prize.
As cheesy as that sounds- it's so true!

Collecting take-aways is so important.
I believe it's how we grow!
Step by step and day by day we learn from our mistakes, accomplishments and growth.
I'm retracing my 2016 steps in these pretty Viscata heels I wanted to share with you!
These sandals are made in Spain, designed in Barcelona with love.
They're my new favorite sandals because, A. I'm obsessed with the straps- they make me feel like the ballerina I've always wanted to become and B. because they're so comfortable. I can walk around in these puppies all day, carrying around my 25 lb babe without a hitch. 

Pretty and functional are my two must-haves and these do it for me.
I'm ready to take on 2017 with them!
Liam will turn one, Zak will become a doctor and we'll be moving to San Diego!!
Holy Moly.
Our lives are going to change big time, and I can't wait.
Thank you 2016 for your lessons, they're ones I'll keep with me forever!

Dress: ASOS (on sale)

Have you been reflecting on the year?!
I'd love to hear anything you've learned!!
Hope you have a lovely day!


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