tip tuesday: winter bucketlist.

Hi all!
Goodness this weekend was a good one!
Thanksgiving and then transitioning to Christmas-
it doesn't get better than that!
We also like to get our tree and deck the halls after Black Friday,
and along with trimming our tree we also like to make a little winter bucket list too!
It's always fun listing out festive activities and looking forward to the holiday season!

PS gimme all the mini trees!
They're just too stinkin cute!
I wanted to take a bunch home.

It was so cute seeing Liam touch and feel the branches for the first time.
I love getting a real tree.
Smelling all the pine, picking out the "right one" and then figuring out how the heck to get it home is always hilarious.
We've done it every year so far, and I hope it continues in the future!

We brought our little beauty home and once Liam fell asleep Zak and I strung the lights and hung all our ornaments!
We wanted to do it with him, but baby's gotta sleep!
And it was a tad bit easier doing it without him {sorry Liam} because mr. mr. has a tendency to break lots of mama's special tree trimmings...
RIP my two little bird ornaments.

Pookie bear helped out too!
It was actually really sweet doing it just Zak and I!
Almost like a little holiday date to get into the spirit of Christmas.
We just love this time of year!

Here's our Christmas Bucket list this year!
In no particular order!

1. Visit Santa!
2. Zoo Lights!
3. Go Snowboarding!
4. Play in the Snow!
5. Drink Hot Chocolate and Bake Cookies
6. Find a Christmas Tree and Decorate it! Check!
7. Deck the Halls! Check! 
8. Read 25 Christmas Stories!
9. Wear Christmas Jammies!
10. Sing Carols! Check!
11. Watch Classic Christmas Movies!
12. Look at Christmas Lights!
13. Make Gingerbread Houses!
14. Write a Letter to Santa!
15. Send Christmas Cards!
16. Donate Presents and Food!
17. Volunteer, service, service service!
18. Make a special Christmas Morning Breakfast!
19. Go Ice Skating!
20. Make handmade Christmas Ornaments!

And now here are a few things that help us make our list!!

1. Make it simple! Your list doesn't have to be long, or crazy cool! Think of things you'll already be doing, like taking a photo with Santa and write it down! It's all about killing two birds with one stone yah know?! Things you can do at home, do just as a couple or with kiddos is perfect! 

2. Make it cheap! Most of the items on our list are free, inexpensive or we use things we already have at home {like hot coco and baking cookies}! That way if there's something we really wanna do that's a little more pricey we can save up for it! Cough cough like snowboarding- which I can't wait to do!!

3. Make it realistic! If you don't think you'll be able to take a trip to play in the snow, then obviously don't write it down! Have a snowball fight at home using white yarn balls instead! This isn't supposed to bring stress, so lower those expectations and just have fun! Be flexible too, if you only get to half or even a few items on your bucket list whoo hoo! It's a list for a reason, you can always check those puppies off at another time!

The holidays are more magical than ever now that we have Liam with us!
Seeing all the lights through his eyes for the first time is incredible.
We're so blessed to have you Liam!
Like my shirt says, 'Mom Life is the Best Life!'
And that's all because of you William Dean!
I hope our list gives yah some ideas and these tips help you make the most of the holiday season!
Because above all being with your loved ones and remembering the true meaning of Christmas is what's most important!

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  1. You are so cute! And we did the same with our tree after black friday...RIP to the few glass ornaments I had, because, parenthood. haha I love this time of year!

    1. I know!! The bottom of our tree is now bare hahah because little grabby hands like to pull EVERYTHING down!! Love this stage!

  2. Love this post! So, fun!!! Your bucket list is awesome!!! Keep us posted on that! Your baby girl is just a doll!
    xo Debbie | www.tothineownstylebetrue.com