tip tuesday: thanksgiving table decor.

Happy turkey week everybody!
Are you guys super excited for Thanksgiving or what?!
I love love love the holidays, and now that we're a little older and back home-
we get to host them as well!
Which, if you know me at all is kinda like my favorite part!
To me, decorating and making the environment warm and welcoming is just as important as the food!
I love to get all my dishes, silverware, antique collection and vintage finds all out on the table..
and then I slowly curate what's going to stay, and what's going to be used at another time.
I know, I'm nuts
But I live for this stuff you guys.
And in case you're hosting this year, or helping out I wanted to post a few super easy, super cheap {using things you already have} and super cute ways to spruce up your little ole table to make your feast a festive celebration!

First up:
1. Thankful cards!

 I did thankful placemats last year, you can see them here, and they were such a hit that I'm doing them again this year! However, instead of placemats, I'm doing place cards. I used blank Kraft paper cards- the outside has the guest's name written on it, and the inside says, "I am thankful for...!" During dinner I ask everyone to think about their thankful list, write it down, and then we go around and share it with everyone. At the end of the night people take them home, and it's a nice little keepsake reminder to always be thankful. 
So cheesy, but so true!
I used this beautiful template to trace the lettering- this year I had to eye ball it, but last year I traced it exactly and they came out really nice! All you need is Kraft paper, a white paint pen, sharpened pencils for guests, the template and a window to trace!

I also love using the pencil as a little table accessory too! I like to tuck mine into the napkin rings!

2. Napkins! 

These puppies are obviously a must at the dinner table, so why not make them fun!? I like to collect cloth napkins because A. they're cute. B. You can never have enough. And C. just throw them in the washer and waalaa they're clean again! Environmentally friendly.
So if you're using cloth napkins too, make them fun and funky by folding them into turkeys!
Yep, you read that right. Turkey shaped napkins. We're going there!
I use this super easy tutorial on my Pinterest page! Or, if I don't want the plates to look too busy, I just stick them in a cute napkin ring, and stick the pencil from the thankful cards in with them and it's a done deal!
And and and if you're using paper napkins don't fear- I found these adorable gold striped ones or you could really go the extra mile and print "give thanks" on each using this tutorial! The options are endless, I'm telling yah!

3. Silverware!

Along with napkins, I would say silverware are also a necessity when hosting Thanksgiving lol. And whether you're doing real or plastic- you can always make them look pretty!
This year I'm using my antiqued silver ones- I've been storing up and almost have eight complete sets-
woot woot!
But to spruce them up a bit, I like to take twine and tie them in a little bow!
You can use any ribbon, bakers twin, yarn or fake hay to make this work- whatever you got lying around! Along with the bows, you could also keep them in a pouch.
Zak got me these little gunny sacks a few years ago, because he knows I love weird stuff like that, and I think they'll work perfectly for Thanksgiving!

4. Greenery!

This is what will make your table really pop! Find a local flower warehouse, check Trader Joes or heck just go out somewhere dense with leaves and find yourself some garland to dress the table!
You don't need a lot either.
I was able to snag two HUGE bunches of eucalyptus leaves for $7.50-
they'll last all week and there's plenty to set the table with.
I'm putting the extra on my bar cart and dessert table to tie in everything! 

5. Pumpkins!

 I'm a big fan of recycling! Use what yah got! 
Take those old pumpkins from Halloween and make them shine again on your table! 
hey're the cutest paper weights, name tag holders or just plain old decor!
My favorites are the whites and light oranges- I was able to snag this beauty at my local flower warehouse for just 5 bucks.
Major steal right there. And the baby pumpkins are kinda the cutest things on this planet, so the more you have of those, the better!

And real quick- another little favorite of mine is to have themed straws! They're so cheap and come in all different colors! I'm using these ones, but I love these gold ones too! So even if you're drinking out of plastic cups, guests will still feel fancy with some fun straws!

My biggest tips are don't stress, use what you have and be creative!
Also, candles and music help set the tone for the day too!
You're going to do great, and you're table is going to look BEAUTIFUL!
Just like you.

Table: Craigslist find
Table Cloth: here 
Silver Napkin Rings: here
White Plates: here {on sale right now!}
Blue Plates: here
Glassware: antique, similar here
Candlestick holders: here
Candlesticks: here
Cake stand: antique, similar here
Straws: here

Have an awesomely wonderful holiday everyone- and let me know if you have any questions, hope this post helps!


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