tip tuesday: beating the afternoon blues.

You guys!
This AZ weather has been PERFECTION lately!
We've been playing outside non-stop the last few days and it's been such a treat.
Man it's nice to be able to hang outside without feeling like you're melting.
We used to have to go to the pool at like, 6:00 AM to beat the heat-
but now we can relax in the grass at 3:00 PM if we want!
Glorious I tell yah!

So for today's "tip Tuesday" series I wanted to give some quick tips on how we deal with the afternoon blues!
AKA the witching hour!
And if you don't have littles, I'm talking about the 4:00 PM- 6:00 PM time that can somedays be a dozy with the kiddos!
Poor Liam has had the roughest time teething lately, so when it's getting late in the afternoon he's ready for night night time- 
and so are we!
But to combat those harder moments we've been doing a few new things that seem to help,
and I wanted to share them with yah!
Cuz, you gotta help a parent out yah know!?

1. Get outta the house. Sometimes a new environment is the perfect distraction! I know when Liam's gums are hurting and he's not his happy little self, going down to the pool, taking Romie for a walk, and playing at the park are major "go-to's" for us and always turn the moods around!

2. If it's too hot or too cold to go outside, head to the nearest mall with a play center, fast food joint with a jungle gym, Barnes and Noble kid's corner or heck Target works just fine! Looking down the toy isle and maybe grabbing an icee and some popcorn will help calm the craziness sometimes and give yah a little relief too! I did this a lot when I was solo this summer with Liam- Target was my life savor!

3. Switch up dinner! We love having dinner together as a family, but sometimes when 5:00 rolls around, so can chaos! So, when that happens, sometimes we'll pack up our things and go for a picnic, ditch the dinner plans and order delivery, play a board game while eating, have a costume party {we did that for Halloween}, have a themed dinner {election night patriotic dinner anyone?!} or have a "make-your-own-dinner" night, where we build our owns pizzas to bake! Whatever you do, sometimes switching up dinner time can really make a difference after a long day!

Just wanted to share those little tips with yah!
I never like having those afternoon blues, so we're constantly looking for new ways to be creative with that time and really have some more fun as a family!
I was sent this super cute "Modern Madre" trucker hat from Spanglish Heart and it's perfect to throw on when we're heading outside to play!
They also sell these beautiful Mexican blankets that come in all sorts of colors-
and they're perfect for picnicking!

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I hope you have an awesome day!!


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