three things on my mind.

Hello loves!
Hope you're having a wonderful morning!
I. Cannot. Wait. For. Tomorrow.
Anywho, just wanted to share some fun photos I took with the sweet Jessica Edmunds-
and tell you about a few things that have been on my mind lately.
Like us moving to a new state {what?!}, our travel plans and my new favorite hair products!
Along with the winner of my Instagram giveaway!
Woot woot.

This shoot was during sunrise at Papago Park, walking distance from our home!
I never realized how beautiful of a spot it was, until seeing it at golden hour-
Arizona you're just so pretty. 

You guys.
Zak matches in like THREE WEEKS!!
And if you're not familiar with the whole medical school process, I'll fill yah in.
Long story short-
during the last year of school {fourth year} students rank which residency programs they like the best, and then residency programs rank which students they like best as well-
so it's mutual selection.
Well since Zak is in the Navy, he matches a few months early.
Which means, in a few weeks we'll find out where we'll be living for the next three years!!
So. Exciting.
And nerve wracking.
We've been waiting for this time for almost four years now, and it's crazy that it's right around the corner.
Odds are we'll either move to San Diego, Washington D.C. or Virginia!
We really adore all of the pediatric programs and locations, we'd be thrilled to match at any of them!
I'll obviously keep yah in the loop with what happens!!

So to celebrate Zak graduating and becoming a doctor-
What the heck!?!?!?!?
Where did time go?!?!?!
And when did we grow up?!?!
We want to take a really awesome trip somewhere this spring.
We'd love to go oversees, maybe take a cruise or head somewhere tropical?!
We've never cruised before and would love and recommendations if you have them!
Also- any spots in Europe you just love?!
I mean, lets be real.
Any places in Europe would be amazing.
So really- any cool destinations you've been to I wanna hear about, okay!?

So earlier this week I posted on my Instagram, here about a new hair care line that I really really enjoy using.
I've always had thin hair..
but then I got pregnant and holy moly it was so thick all of sudden and I was over the moon!
But then I gave birth to my little angel baby that I love so much and it started falling out.....
I specifically remember chunks coming out in the shower and freaking out to Zakary.
Well fast forward a few months and now it's growing back in and in a very special AKA awkward stage.
So because of all this crazy hair drama I've been on the hunt for products that just revitalize and rejuvenate my poor hammered hair.
And I found some gems that have worked!
Burgati shampoo and conditioner has been my go to lately!
It is made with Keratin and Argan Oil, which helps restore softness, strength and shine!
And I need all that and then some!

They also have a wonderful leave-in conditioner, which has become my BFF.
I have the worst tangles, but never liked using a leave-in conditioner because it would leave my hair oily, which I obvi hated.
But this feels light, and helps ease the pain when combing out my locks.
I like these products so much so, that I decided to giveaway a set to one lucky reader!

So drum roll please....
Congrats @Whitneyarnett! You won girlfriend!
I hope you enjoy your new goodies as much as I do!

And a big thank you to everyone who participated-
your support means so much!

Well I'm off the the grocery store because confession: it's less than a day away from Thanksgiving, and I still haven't bought a turkey!
And I'm hosting!!!
But you know my decorations are all perfectly in order!
Hahah priorities people.
If the food sucks, at least the table will be cute.
Jk jk... kinda.
I'm so thankful for YOU GUYS!!
Thanks for letting me be me in this space on the internet.
You the best.
Have an amazing Thanksgiving loves!!
And eat lots of carbs for me!


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