life lately: october edition.

Hi all!
Hope you had a great weekend!
We just got back home from a little trip up north- it was so sweet!
And really nice to be in the cold brisk mountain air!
Just wanted to do a little October photo dump..
because it's somehow half way through November already?!
What the heck?!
Our October kicked off the holiday season and we started by baking up a storm in the kitchen.

Baking pumpkin bread is a family tradition for us, and I was super excited to have Liam join in the fun!

And I kinda passed the torch off to Zak, 
and now he can bake up 4-5 loaves like it's no big deal!
Proud teacher moment.

Look at that apron!
Killin it.

You guys don't even wanna know how much batter I ate....
But it was so worth it.

Like, I think I might like the batter better than the actual bread!


We've,, also been playing games-
We're heading to Illinois soon to visit family, so we had to brush up on our card skills before we take off!
Card games are huge in the midwest.


After Liam goes down we've been having little date nights on the couch and it's seriously the best.
Something I think Zak and I both really need.
Good ole cuddles, candles and Netflix!
And some food obvi-
we even baked our own pizza one night!
Pretty good.

And here are some photos of Liam because this age is just the most fun and sweet and loving and we're just so obsessed with him.

His after bath time curls are the cutest!
His hair is WILD!
But we refuse to cut it.

Zak snapped this of us one late night.
Holding him makes me heart so happy it hurts!

Zak was on a pediatric rotation at Phoenix Children's Hospital sooo we crashed that cafeteria one too many times!
They have the best food you guys.
And it's SO cheap.
and the people are always so so nice.
I've gotten quite used to hospital dates and I feel like they're only going to be more present in our lives once residency arrives!

Click below to read more about our month!

Liam is obsessed with Romie!
He chases him around the apartment, gives him all the kisses and laughs so hard whenever Romie's walks in the room!
And now that Liam's big Romie will finally play back and it's the cutest thing ever.

In the beginning of the month we went to a huge pumpkin patch called Schnepfs Farm!
We went last year here, when I was preggo!
We always have the best time, it's kinda our fall tradition and it was a blast bringing Liam along!
We went with my sister and her kiddos and had such a fun time.

Those little peddle bikes are Zak and I's FAVORITE!
Like, one day we're going to buy some cuz they're that much fun to race!
I was dying laughing and almost won!
But then Zak beat me to the finish line.......

Liam on his first carousel!

His hat seriously cracks me up.
He loves his cousin K!

We also took Liam to the Phoenix Zoo for the first time!
Funny story: 
We live super close to the zoo so we thought it'd be a good idea to walk there!
Spoiler alert: it's never a good idea to walk to the zoo.
Because you do a TON of walking there,
and in AZ the mornings in October are super nice..
but then the afternoons can get hot and the thought of walking back felt like a nightmare.
So thankfully we had Zak's bff come rescue us and we got a ride home.
Thank. Goodness.

Those baby blues get me every time!

We also learned that Monday mornings are a good time to go to the zoo-
it was empty!

We kept running under the misters to cool ourselves down!
I think that might have been Liam's favorite part.
That and the porky pine and prairie dog we got to see up close!
Zak and I love animals and hope to pass that kindness and curiosity for creatures down to him!

Haha we also hit up the petting zoo!
In the past Liam has been a bit afraid of goats..
but not this time!
Woot woot!
He was a champ and they didn't phase him!

We also bought him a little piano and it literally kills me when I see these two playing it.
My heart!!

Zak's on a different rotation at school right now and the schedule is literally a dream come true!
It's been so much fun having him home all the time especially in the mornings-
it's Liam's best part of the day!
We like to have breakfast together, light candles, listen to some music, play, go for a family walk and keep the doors open because that A.M. breeze is amazing!
These days have been so sweet and wonderful.
Counting my blessings every single night!

And here I'll leave you with two pics and that make my baby not look like such a baby!
Please stop growing up William Dean!
We love you so!


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