liam's first halloween.

Hello hello!
You guys, kids make holidays so much sweeter.
Like, can we just dress Liam up in ridiculous animal costumes everyday?!
My heart can't take it.
This year we kinda had a hard time coming up with the costume for all of us!
He's not at the age where he likes a certain character or animal or whatever yet-
so we played it safe and kinda simple and sorta super adorable and decided a baby cow would be perfect!
Zak thought I should be a cow too to make it even more perfect {since he's still nursing round the clock} but I vetoed that idea real quick.
Instead, Zak and I were farmers.
And I kinda love how it all came together. 

^^ Look at that perfect cow stance!!
He makes the holidays "moo-gical!"

PS overalls are kinda the best inventions ever.
I haven't worn them since like, second grade-
but now I totally get why they're back in style!
Can't wait to sport these puppies more often.

But, he wasn't too a-moo-used with all the photos.
Okay, that was the last cow pun. 
Had to do it!

We started the night off at Zak's dad house-
Zak and I indulged in lots of candy and Liam got to show his gramps how he crawls!
He's on the move now, by the way!
I'll save that for a later post though!

Then we headed to my sisters house to have a big family dinner and go trick-or-treating!
She lives in like, the cutest neighborhood ever.
It looks like it's out of a movie and not in AZ whatsoever-
colorful houses, tree-lined streets, huge front porches, surrounding orchards, and each home was decked out in Halloween decor!
I'm talking photo booths, caramel apple stands and haunted houses!
Agritopia, you just out do yourself each year!

^^ This photo's one of my all time favorite of those two!

That cow suit though.

Liam loved getting to trick-or-treat with his cousins!
And his mama loved getting to eat all his candy!
Only reason I went to the gym that day-
gimme all the sugar!
Please and thank you. 

Once we hit the streets trick-or-treating it was a little too hot for the cow onesie-
so Liam just wore his headpiece lol.
Cutest naked cow I ever did see!

He even held his little bucket out when we went to front doors!
Below was his first house ever.
Gosh, having a baby is the best.

Hahah and this photo just cracks me up!
Toward the end of the night we were all on a sugar high and it was wayyy past our bedtimes-
two things that mean it was a successful night!

Thanks so much to my sis for working all day and then hosting us all night!
It was the perfect first Halloween for Liam!

Hope you all had a SPOOK-tacular Halloween!



  1. You guys are so cute!! And you're so right, they make everything so much more fun. Also, I am 100% on board with the costumes every day. SO CUTE.

    1. Awe thank you lovey!! Don't they?! Haha good I'm glad I'm not alone! Haha I even went to Target to see if there were any costume sales after Halloween to stock up! Hahah!