kissing crazy, on-the-move and a nine month birthday boy.

It's currently 9:45 PM on a Saturday night and I'm bloggin {obviously}, watching Gilmore Girls and eating oatmeal.
I'm officially OLD!
But if it matters, both boys are asleep and I'm still kicking this stupid cold..
so staying cozy at home sounds like the best thing ever to me right now!
And yes a couple weeks ago, but man oh man do the weeks just fly by or what?!
I'll post some photos of our little bday party we had for him soon..
and yes we go all out and celebrate each month #crazyparents!
but for now I wanna to share some photos I took a few days ago when we were playing outside!
And firstly, his eyes just melt me!!
Look at those baby blues!

Those chubby cheeks and little tongue that's always sticking out are my favorites!
He's the sweetest little guy and LOVES giving kisses!
It's seriously the cutest thing in the entire world and I think the best milestone he's crossed yet.
Once they can reciprocate love it's unbelievable. 
And it's so funny because he'll be selective-
like Zak and I ask for kisses allllll day long-
and you can see him think about whether or not he wants to give you one.
He def plays hard to get.
You can see a video here of me getting lucky with one!
He loves giving Romie the most kisses and it's adorable when he'll crawl across the room and land a big one on yah or lean over super long and smooch yah.
Just makes my heart so happy it hurts.

This new on-the-move stage is hilarious and so much fun, but equally busy!
This boy loves to explore and adventure around the house-
and hates being restrained!
So now that the weather is glorious-
shout out to AZ winters
we take him outside each day and just let him go nuts in the grass or at the park.
It's so fun seeing him see the world for the first time.

Everything. Goes. Right. Into. His. Mouth.
So we are always on the lookout to see what his little grabby hands are up to!
He also has such a fun personality and he's soooo vocal!
He babbles mamam and dadada alll day long and will copy whatever sound you make.
It's so cute because it's like you're really communicating with him, which is just crazy!
He's closer to a toddler than a baby now, which breaks my heart, but this age is like a tiny glimpse into the future and makes me soooo excited for whats to come.

That little thinker face kills me!
All of his facial expressions are just the funniest.
And his curls!
So long and lush hahah!

His favorite thing to play is catch with the ball!
This kid can throw let me tell you!
And he gets so excited when you toss a ball to him, he'll throw it right back!
I'm assuming that's a little bit of Zak coming through!
He loves to be outside, go for walks with Romie, bath time with daddy, he still nurses all the time, which I just love, he's eating lots of solid foods and is like a little puppy and will crawl over to you if you have food and he'll wanna bite!
He's standing and pulling up on everything and he's on the verge of standing solo!!
He'll turn the page of a book when you read to him, and he is always in his daddy's arms and never in his stroller lol.
He's super loud, dances to music and when we say "yay Liam!!" he claps in excitement!
He's 25lbs, two and half feet tall and in the 93rd percentile for height and weight!

He's the sweetest little babe, keeps us laughing all day and we constantly say, "he is just so beautiful!"
We love you so William Dean!
Happy nine months baby!!!


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