her success isn't your failure.

Hi all!
We're currently watching game seven the World Series and it's 5 to 3 Cubbies!
So. Exciting.
Zak's family is from Illinois, so they're HUGE Chicago fans!
So now I root for them too!
I wanted to write a little bit about social media today!
Not something I talk about much on here, but I feel like it's everywhere nowadays and a big part of our lives.
It's how we get our news, keep in touch with friends and share what's going on!
And don't get me wrong, I obviously totally enjoy it!
Hello I post on Insta all. the. time.
I've met some awesome people, gotten some great opportunities and find so much inspiration from apps like Pinterest and Instagram!
But sometimes, it can become a little overwhelming.
And sometimes I find myself comparing my life to others..
And sometimes that can start to feel kinda crappy.
And then that awesome little space on the internet that brings lots of inspiration and happiness turns kinda icky.
Anyone else ever feel this way?!
Man comparison is such a thief of joy!
I swear I've pinned that phrase a bunch.
Like why do I ever feel that way when I love my life?!

 Literally Zak and I were talking this afternoon and said we wished that we could just pause time and just relive these days over and over again.
But even so there have been numerous times where I'll see a post of someone for example at the gym {looking like model type AMAZING}, or see someone's gorgeous custom home, or look at photos of someone's European vacation and just start to compare my body, or home or vacations {or lack thereof} or anything else I've found myself comparing and feel not so great.
Like why do we do that?!?
Or maybe this is just my problem?!
It's ridiculous.
And I hated that feeling.
Because I love my life so dang much it hurts.
And because right now, our little old kitchen cabinets, strict Walmart budget, fancy apartment gym and date nights to Target are oddly so perfect and almost magical.
Someone reading this is going to think I'm nuts.
But, seriously this fourth year life is the greatest and I'm so dang thankful for this year.
We have more time than we've ever had together and it's heavenly.
And hello, Liam is an angel baby sent straight from heaven.
Reason 23985345 I shouldn't't compare myself to others- I'm genuinely the happiest I've ever been?!
SO stupid I do this huh?!
Anywho, then I read an awesome little quote that totally changed my perspective!
Her success isn't your failure.
Just think about it for a second.
I love that saying so much.
I look at life in year chunks, and it's so important to remember everyone is in different seasons of their lives.
While you may be in survival mode because your spouse is outta town, you have two littles under two and if you take a shower it's a huge accomplishment, that one girl you always see 100% put together on IG might be in the "I have extra help and have found a good grove" season.
Everyone's going through different phases of life.
Your awesome period where you're making it to the gym everyday, being super productive and killing  it at work may be someone else's time that they're struggling to find a job or going through a bad break-up.
Case in point-
Her {or His} success isn't your failure!
Comparing yourself {or myself} is so silly because we're all in different stages of life-
therefore, there's nothing to compare!
And when that stupid little feeling starts creeping up I also give myself a little pep talk and think of three things I like about myself.
Does that sound crazy?!
It really does help!
So then I after kinda going through some accomplishments, things I have to look forward to or just plain like about myself I start to feel much better and proud of own goals!
Because I love life.

And I'm not going to let a tiny little glimpse into someone else's ruin my joy.
Instead, I'm trying to find more motivation from that said post or just be happy for that person instead of bad about myself.
It's all about perspective people.
And filling your heart with love and admiration for others instead of jealousy or sadness.
And once you kinda turn it around- you feel so much better!
I hope this little vent helps yah out!
It's something that's been on my mind that last few weeks, and just had to write about it once hearing that phrase.
It's my new motto!
So with that said..
go do you, find happiness in the little things in life and LOVE yourself!



  1. SUCH a good reminder. This is one of those things that I logically know, but still catch myself struggling with all the time...especially when it comes to people on instagram!

  2. EXACTLY! That's me like every day! So lame because it's such a silly feeling with no justification. I'm glad I'm not the only one who can feel this way at times!!