Happy hump day everyone!
We're kinda recovering from election night this morning..
CRAZY stuff huh?!
Anywho, I wanted to share all of our photos from Halloweekend today!
It was such a great time.
Zak and I LOVE holidays and like to go all out and celebrate each one-
especially Halloween.
On Saturday night we decided to host a spooky little costume dinner party with family!
We transformed our dinning room table into a giant's spider web,
and I finally got to use all of my Halloween dinnerware!

We lit all of our fall candles, blasted the Monster Mash and baked a bunch of pumpkin bread in preparation!
For dinner we made turkey spaghetti squash, fruit salad, regular salad and yummy cupcakes!
My mom's doing the "whole 30" diet right now, so minus dessert-
everything was super healthy and super delish!
So much so, that afterwards when we were playing board games we said the winner could keep the leftovers lol.
We won!
Woot. Woot. 
That fruit salad was divine the next morning. 

Everyone dressed up for dinner, and Cole was the costume winner! 

Zak and I were kinda desperate to find costumes for three of us-
so that afternoon we headed to good ole Goodwill. 
Which, had awesome stuff by the way!
We scored Liam's little Hawaiian shirt, and my Luau hat so we decided to be honeymooners!
Fun fact: Zak and I literally wore these outfits to a Luau on our honeymoon in Hawaii, so we were pretty accurate I would say.
You can even see the picture here on my Instagram! 

Liam's face below cracks me up!
I love that he's cool wearing hats.

These nights with family are really sweet, and I'm so grateful for them.
It means the world to see my mom so happy!

We ended the night teaching my mom and Cole how to play Catan {our new obsession}, I ate three too many cupcakes, the kiddos carved pumpkins and baby Liam was smothered in kisses from his cousins and bunny!
It was a really fun night.

On Sunday's we love to have a big family dinner, followed by some games-
and we love it even more when it can be a special themed dinner!
So, since it was hallows eve, we all dressed up as witches and wizards!

Hahaha I know, Zak and I are crazy. 
And have talked about having these family costume parties, and themed dinners since we were 19 you guys.
We're living our bucket list and I love it. 

Hope you had a hauntingly happy Halloweekend!
I'm going to post all about Liam's first Halloween next!

Have a lovely day!


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