flagstaff getaway.

Happy Friday everyone!
Today I'm sharing the rest of our trip up to Flagstaff!
Goodness there's so many hidden gems in northern, AZ.
We already have a list going of places we want to visit, and Flagstaff is on it AGAIN because we just can't get enough of this cute little town.
We drove up to the Grand Canyon and Williams on our first day, you can see all the pictures and read about it here!

We had such a fun day out and about-
and we drove a ton!
So by the time we got back to our room at the Drury we were kinda {totally} beat!

PS I LOVE how Liam sticks out his tongue..
I used to do it when I was a baby and I think it's the cutest that he does it now!

I took over some of the driving, and then Kennedy and I jammed out to some Taylor Swift while the boys napped!

We got back to our room pretty late, and were super hungry and equally tired!
As we were walking to our room, a really sweet manager stopped us to let us know about the popcorn and soda fountain open in the lobby.
You guys.
The Drury had unlimited popcorn and Diet Coke.
If you know me in the slightest, you know this is like, my dream come true!
And I took full advantage!
Late night salty snacks are my jam!

Little details like these sweet treats and even sweeter customer service really made our time at the Drury warm and cozy! 

We cuddled up with our snacks and soda and watched Christmas movie on the Hallmark channel-
a perfect ending to our day!

The next morning we all slept in till 8:30-
that's like unheard of in the baby world!
It. Was. Amazing.

Once we were up and at it we headed down stairs for some delicious breakfast!
As you can see we obviously loaded up-
it was so good!
Liam had his first taste of biscuits and gravy, and totally approved!
I could take that doughnut right about now!

After breakfast we came back up to our room to get ready-
and had a little play fest on the bed!
Liam is obsessed with clapping lol and goes crazy every time we say, "yay Liam!"

Love this little mister!

This kid was thrilled with our room-
he had more than enough crawl space!
He's on the move allllll the time now!

Look at those views from our room-
the location might have been my favorite thing!
Okay maybe second to the popcorn and soda;)
We could see the main drag from our balcony and we were waking distance to everything!

It was such a beautiful morning!
We wanted to get out and about in the fresh air ASAP!
I with I could've bottled it up and brought it back to Phoenix with us!

We were literally on NAU's campus so we took a little tour-
the buildings are gorgeous!

And the leaves!
Totally made me miss the Midwest falls.

Liam missed out on the tour lol and napped the majority of the time.
As you can see, he's not a fan of his stroller and prefers to be in his daddy's arms instead.
It's kinda totally super adorable.

He woke up toward the end so we let him check out all the leaves.
Seeing the world through your baby's eye is just magical I tell yah!

We totally want to come back again in the winter and hopefully go snowboarding!
There's so much to do up there, I have a long list of things I want to go back and do/eat/see!

I love this little family of mine oh so much! 
I'm I'm so thankful we were able to go adventure around the Arizona forests!

After our little tour, we grabbed some lunch and headed back down to Phoenix!
It was a little weekend getaway that went by way too fast.
Until next time Flagstaff!

A big thanks to The Drury Inn and Suites for hosting us, and sponsoring this blog post!
Has anyone else been up to northern AZ?! 
What are your favorite spots?!

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