a visit to the grand canyon & north pole.

Hello everyone!
I hope you're having a splendid day!
Over the weekend we went on a little getaway up to Northern Arizona.
There are so many little towns we want to go visit up there!
This time around we visited Flagstaff and Williams.
Both such cute cute places!
Zak and I grew up in Phoenix, but he hadn't ever been to the Grand Canyon, and I had only visited once on a field trip-
so it's been on our bucket list to go and finally see it FOREVER!
So we planned a little getaway to check it out, along with a few other fun things like the Polar Express train ride!

On Saturday morning we loaded up the car and headed to Flagstaff!
We stopped for lunch at one of our favorite AZ spots, Pita Jungle.
If you know me well, you know I LOVE this place-
so lunch there was a must.
It was also Liam's first time eating there too!

After lunch we took off to see one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World!
It's so cool we live in a state that has this amazing creation.
We're so lucky!
And we've already talked about going back in the spring and actually camping out.
It's beyond gorgeous, and we have to visit again!

When we first got outta the car we headed over to one of the lookout spots-
but quickly noticed it was getting a bit chilly!
So us girls went back to the car to change and Zak and Liam went to check out the canyon solo!
I'm so glad they got to experience it one on one.
Zak said Liam was just staring at it, taking everything in.
It's truly breathtaking!

It's crazy how it looks fake, like it could be a movie set or something.
It's unbelievable!

It was also our niece Kennedy's first time seeing the Grand Canyon too!
I'm so glad we were able to bring her along!
Liam just loves his cousin K so much!

We kinda calculated our time wrong, so we only had about an hour or so until we had to leave to head back down to Williams.
We could have stayed for days you guys!
It kinda broke our hearts {Zak's big time} leaving so quickly.
But we promised this wouldn't be the last time!

Our next stop was to meet Santa!
The Grand Canyon Rail Way in William's AZ brings the classic children's book The Polar Express to life by taking families on a magical train ride to the "North Pole!"
You guys.
This. Was. Amazing. 

It's the exact book, played out in real life!
Everyone was in their pajamas, the chefs checked us on, we were served Mrs. Clause cookies and hot chocolate, the conductor gave us a golden ticket and WE MET SANTA!
Literally like being in the story book.
If you live in AZ and have kiddos, this is a MUST! 

Liam wore the cutest red Christmas jammies I ever did see!
We partnered with Rockin Baby because we knew he had to have a special pair of pajamas for the Polar Express and these were PERFECT!
So warm and soft, and the print was darling!
This knitted romper was a total hit!
And now we know what he'll be wearing to bed come Christmas Eve!
Zak and I always said we wanted to have our babies wear something festive and fun the night before Christmas, and this onesie is certainly it!
Thanks Rockin Baby for making Liam's first visit with Santa cute and cozy!

The antique train was beautiful!
And was built in 1920, can you believe it?!

The inside was decked with twinkling lights, presents and these fun classic seats that swiveled!

Liam has the cutest little pride face, and when he got a seat to himself he was totally showing off!
Such a big boy!

As we took off for the North Pole, the dancing chefs came around and passed out yummy cookies and hot coco while blasting Christmas tunes!
This might have been my favorite part.
Liam was sitting in his seat, bouncing his little body to the music and devouring his first ever cookie!
He was having a ball, and I think we were having even more fun watching him!
I can't even imagine what Disney Land would be like with littles.
This was beyond magical!

After dessert, the conductor came around to stamp our ticket, 
and we listed to the reading to the Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg, while the chefs walked by showing the books's illustrations.
I love this story so much because of it's message-
never stop believing in the spirit of Christmas!
Once we made it to the North Pole, Santa climbed aboard and gave everyone a silver bell to take home-
I mean come on, how sweet is that?!
Just like in the story.

Then we all sang classic Christmas carols on the way back to the station!
Liam tired out after meeting Santa, so I nursed him to sleep while listening to the songs.
It was such a sweet little moment, and I'm glad Zak captured it on film.
No matter how big you get William Dean, you'll always be our baby!

 The train seriously made us SO excited for Christmas!
It really is the most wonderful time of the year!
And I really can't recommend this enough!
It was a jammed packed day, but it was packed full of memories and magic I'll say!
Thank you again Rockin Baby for partnering with us-
Liam loves his rompers oh so much!
And so do his mama and daddy! 

Check out my next post to see the rest of our Flagstaff adventures!

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