tip tuesday: winter bucketlist.

Hi all!
Goodness this weekend was a good one!
Thanksgiving and then transitioning to Christmas-
it doesn't get better than that!
We also like to get our tree and deck the halls after Black Friday,
and along with trimming our tree we also like to make a little winter bucket list too!
It's always fun listing out festive activities and looking forward to the holiday season!

PS gimme all the mini trees!
They're just too stinkin cute!
I wanted to take a bunch home.

It was so cute seeing Liam touch and feel the branches for the first time.
I love getting a real tree.
Smelling all the pine, picking out the "right one" and then figuring out how the heck to get it home is always hilarious.
We've done it every year so far, and I hope it continues in the future!

We brought our little beauty home and once Liam fell asleep Zak and I strung the lights and hung all our ornaments!
We wanted to do it with him, but baby's gotta sleep!
And it was a tad bit easier doing it without him {sorry Liam} because mr. mr. has a tendency to break lots of mama's special tree trimmings...
RIP my two little bird ornaments.

Pookie bear helped out too!
It was actually really sweet doing it just Zak and I!
Almost like a little holiday date to get into the spirit of Christmas.
We just love this time of year!

Here's our Christmas Bucket list this year!
In no particular order!

1. Visit Santa!
2. Zoo Lights!
3. Go Snowboarding!
4. Play in the Snow!
5. Drink Hot Chocolate and Bake Cookies
6. Find a Christmas Tree and Decorate it! Check!
7. Deck the Halls! Check! 
8. Read 25 Christmas Stories!
9. Wear Christmas Jammies!
10. Sing Carols! Check!
11. Watch Classic Christmas Movies!
12. Look at Christmas Lights!
13. Make Gingerbread Houses!
14. Write a Letter to Santa!
15. Send Christmas Cards!
16. Donate Presents and Food!
17. Volunteer, service, service service!
18. Make a special Christmas Morning Breakfast!
19. Go Ice Skating!
20. Make handmade Christmas Ornaments!

And now here are a few things that help us make our list!!

1. Make it simple! Your list doesn't have to be long, or crazy cool! Think of things you'll already be doing, like taking a photo with Santa and write it down! It's all about killing two birds with one stone yah know?! Things you can do at home, do just as a couple or with kiddos is perfect! 

2. Make it cheap! Most of the items on our list are free, inexpensive or we use things we already have at home {like hot coco and baking cookies}! That way if there's something we really wanna do that's a little more pricey we can save up for it! Cough cough like snowboarding- which I can't wait to do!!

3. Make it realistic! If you don't think you'll be able to take a trip to play in the snow, then obviously don't write it down! Have a snowball fight at home using white yarn balls instead! This isn't supposed to bring stress, so lower those expectations and just have fun! Be flexible too, if you only get to half or even a few items on your bucket list whoo hoo! It's a list for a reason, you can always check those puppies off at another time!

The holidays are more magical than ever now that we have Liam with us!
Seeing all the lights through his eyes for the first time is incredible.
We're so blessed to have you Liam!
Like my shirt says, 'Mom Life is the Best Life!'
And that's all because of you William Dean!
I hope our list gives yah some ideas and these tips help you make the most of the holiday season!
Because above all being with your loved ones and remembering the true meaning of Christmas is what's most important!

Me: beanie, shirt, jeans similar herehere and hereshoes, jacket simiar here and here


kissing crazy, on-the-move and a nine month birthday boy.

It's currently 9:45 PM on a Saturday night and I'm bloggin {obviously}, watching Gilmore Girls and eating oatmeal.
I'm officially OLD!
But if it matters, both boys are asleep and I'm still kicking this stupid cold..
so staying cozy at home sounds like the best thing ever to me right now!
And yes a couple weeks ago, but man oh man do the weeks just fly by or what?!
I'll post some photos of our little bday party we had for him soon..
and yes we go all out and celebrate each month #crazyparents!
but for now I wanna to share some photos I took a few days ago when we were playing outside!
And firstly, his eyes just melt me!!
Look at those baby blues!

Those chubby cheeks and little tongue that's always sticking out are my favorites!
He's the sweetest little guy and LOVES giving kisses!
It's seriously the cutest thing in the entire world and I think the best milestone he's crossed yet.
Once they can reciprocate love it's unbelievable. 
And it's so funny because he'll be selective-
like Zak and I ask for kisses allllll day long-
and you can see him think about whether or not he wants to give you one.
He def plays hard to get.
You can see a video here of me getting lucky with one!
He loves giving Romie the most kisses and it's adorable when he'll crawl across the room and land a big one on yah or lean over super long and smooch yah.
Just makes my heart so happy it hurts.

This new on-the-move stage is hilarious and so much fun, but equally busy!
This boy loves to explore and adventure around the house-
and hates being restrained!
So now that the weather is glorious-
shout out to AZ winters
we take him outside each day and just let him go nuts in the grass or at the park.
It's so fun seeing him see the world for the first time.

Everything. Goes. Right. Into. His. Mouth.
So we are always on the lookout to see what his little grabby hands are up to!
He also has such a fun personality and he's soooo vocal!
He babbles mamam and dadada alll day long and will copy whatever sound you make.
It's so cute because it's like you're really communicating with him, which is just crazy!
He's closer to a toddler than a baby now, which breaks my heart, but this age is like a tiny glimpse into the future and makes me soooo excited for whats to come.

That little thinker face kills me!
All of his facial expressions are just the funniest.
And his curls!
So long and lush hahah!

His favorite thing to play is catch with the ball!
This kid can throw let me tell you!
And he gets so excited when you toss a ball to him, he'll throw it right back!
I'm assuming that's a little bit of Zak coming through!
He loves to be outside, go for walks with Romie, bath time with daddy, he still nurses all the time, which I just love, he's eating lots of solid foods and is like a little puppy and will crawl over to you if you have food and he'll wanna bite!
He's standing and pulling up on everything and he's on the verge of standing solo!!
He'll turn the page of a book when you read to him, and he is always in his daddy's arms and never in his stroller lol.
He's super loud, dances to music and when we say "yay Liam!!" he claps in excitement!
He's 25lbs, two and half feet tall and in the 93rd percentile for height and weight!

He's the sweetest little babe, keeps us laughing all day and we constantly say, "he is just so beautiful!"
We love you so William Dean!
Happy nine months baby!!!


three things on my mind.

Hello loves!
Hope you're having a wonderful morning!
I. Cannot. Wait. For. Tomorrow.
Anywho, just wanted to share some fun photos I took with the sweet Jessica Edmunds-
and tell you about a few things that have been on my mind lately.
Like us moving to a new state {what?!}, our travel plans and my new favorite hair products!
Along with the winner of my Instagram giveaway!
Woot woot.

This shoot was during sunrise at Papago Park, walking distance from our home!
I never realized how beautiful of a spot it was, until seeing it at golden hour-
Arizona you're just so pretty. 

You guys.
Zak matches in like THREE WEEKS!!
And if you're not familiar with the whole medical school process, I'll fill yah in.
Long story short-
during the last year of school {fourth year} students rank which residency programs they like the best, and then residency programs rank which students they like best as well-
so it's mutual selection.
Well since Zak is in the Navy, he matches a few months early.
Which means, in a few weeks we'll find out where we'll be living for the next three years!!
So. Exciting.
And nerve wracking.
We've been waiting for this time for almost four years now, and it's crazy that it's right around the corner.
Odds are we'll either move to San Diego, Washington D.C. or Virginia!
We really adore all of the pediatric programs and locations, we'd be thrilled to match at any of them!
I'll obviously keep yah in the loop with what happens!!

So to celebrate Zak graduating and becoming a doctor-
What the heck!?!?!?!?
Where did time go?!?!?!
And when did we grow up?!?!
We want to take a really awesome trip somewhere this spring.
We'd love to go oversees, maybe take a cruise or head somewhere tropical?!
We've never cruised before and would love and recommendations if you have them!
Also- any spots in Europe you just love?!
I mean, lets be real.
Any places in Europe would be amazing.
So really- any cool destinations you've been to I wanna hear about, okay!?

So earlier this week I posted on my Instagram, here about a new hair care line that I really really enjoy using.
I've always had thin hair..
but then I got pregnant and holy moly it was so thick all of sudden and I was over the moon!
But then I gave birth to my little angel baby that I love so much and it started falling out.....
I specifically remember chunks coming out in the shower and freaking out to Zakary.
Well fast forward a few months and now it's growing back in and in a very special AKA awkward stage.
So because of all this crazy hair drama I've been on the hunt for products that just revitalize and rejuvenate my poor hammered hair.
And I found some gems that have worked!
Burgati shampoo and conditioner has been my go to lately!
It is made with Keratin and Argan Oil, which helps restore softness, strength and shine!
And I need all that and then some!

They also have a wonderful leave-in conditioner, which has become my BFF.
I have the worst tangles, but never liked using a leave-in conditioner because it would leave my hair oily, which I obvi hated.
But this feels light, and helps ease the pain when combing out my locks.
I like these products so much so, that I decided to giveaway a set to one lucky reader!

So drum roll please....
Congrats @Whitneyarnett! You won girlfriend!
I hope you enjoy your new goodies as much as I do!

And a big thank you to everyone who participated-
your support means so much!

Well I'm off the the grocery store because confession: it's less than a day away from Thanksgiving, and I still haven't bought a turkey!
And I'm hosting!!!
But you know my decorations are all perfectly in order!
Hahah priorities people.
If the food sucks, at least the table will be cute.
Jk jk... kinda.
I'm so thankful for YOU GUYS!!
Thanks for letting me be me in this space on the internet.
You the best.
Have an amazing Thanksgiving loves!!
And eat lots of carbs for me!


tip tuesday: thanksgiving table decor.

Happy turkey week everybody!
Are you guys super excited for Thanksgiving or what?!
I love love love the holidays, and now that we're a little older and back home-
we get to host them as well!
Which, if you know me at all is kinda like my favorite part!
To me, decorating and making the environment warm and welcoming is just as important as the food!
I love to get all my dishes, silverware, antique collection and vintage finds all out on the table..
and then I slowly curate what's going to stay, and what's going to be used at another time.
I know, I'm nuts
But I live for this stuff you guys.
And in case you're hosting this year, or helping out I wanted to post a few super easy, super cheap {using things you already have} and super cute ways to spruce up your little ole table to make your feast a festive celebration!

First up:
1. Thankful cards!

 I did thankful placemats last year, you can see them here, and they were such a hit that I'm doing them again this year! However, instead of placemats, I'm doing place cards. I used blank Kraft paper cards- the outside has the guest's name written on it, and the inside says, "I am thankful for...!" During dinner I ask everyone to think about their thankful list, write it down, and then we go around and share it with everyone. At the end of the night people take them home, and it's a nice little keepsake reminder to always be thankful. 
So cheesy, but so true!
I used this beautiful template to trace the lettering- this year I had to eye ball it, but last year I traced it exactly and they came out really nice! All you need is Kraft paper, a white paint pen, sharpened pencils for guests, the template and a window to trace!

I also love using the pencil as a little table accessory too! I like to tuck mine into the napkin rings!

2. Napkins! 

These puppies are obviously a must at the dinner table, so why not make them fun!? I like to collect cloth napkins because A. they're cute. B. You can never have enough. And C. just throw them in the washer and waalaa they're clean again! Environmentally friendly.
So if you're using cloth napkins too, make them fun and funky by folding them into turkeys!
Yep, you read that right. Turkey shaped napkins. We're going there!
I use this super easy tutorial on my Pinterest page! Or, if I don't want the plates to look too busy, I just stick them in a cute napkin ring, and stick the pencil from the thankful cards in with them and it's a done deal!
And and and if you're using paper napkins don't fear- I found these adorable gold striped ones or you could really go the extra mile and print "give thanks" on each using this tutorial! The options are endless, I'm telling yah!

3. Silverware!

Along with napkins, I would say silverware are also a necessity when hosting Thanksgiving lol. And whether you're doing real or plastic- you can always make them look pretty!
This year I'm using my antiqued silver ones- I've been storing up and almost have eight complete sets-
woot woot!
But to spruce them up a bit, I like to take twine and tie them in a little bow!
You can use any ribbon, bakers twin, yarn or fake hay to make this work- whatever you got lying around! Along with the bows, you could also keep them in a pouch.
Zak got me these little gunny sacks a few years ago, because he knows I love weird stuff like that, and I think they'll work perfectly for Thanksgiving!

4. Greenery!

This is what will make your table really pop! Find a local flower warehouse, check Trader Joes or heck just go out somewhere dense with leaves and find yourself some garland to dress the table!
You don't need a lot either.
I was able to snag two HUGE bunches of eucalyptus leaves for $7.50-
they'll last all week and there's plenty to set the table with.
I'm putting the extra on my bar cart and dessert table to tie in everything! 

5. Pumpkins!

 I'm a big fan of recycling! Use what yah got! 
Take those old pumpkins from Halloween and make them shine again on your table! 
hey're the cutest paper weights, name tag holders or just plain old decor!
My favorites are the whites and light oranges- I was able to snag this beauty at my local flower warehouse for just 5 bucks.
Major steal right there. And the baby pumpkins are kinda the cutest things on this planet, so the more you have of those, the better!

And real quick- another little favorite of mine is to have themed straws! They're so cheap and come in all different colors! I'm using these ones, but I love these gold ones too! So even if you're drinking out of plastic cups, guests will still feel fancy with some fun straws!

My biggest tips are don't stress, use what you have and be creative!
Also, candles and music help set the tone for the day too!
You're going to do great, and you're table is going to look BEAUTIFUL!
Just like you.

Table: Craigslist find
Table Cloth: here 
Silver Napkin Rings: here
White Plates: here {on sale right now!}
Blue Plates: here
Glassware: antique, similar here
Candlestick holders: here
Candlesticks: here
Cake stand: antique, similar here
Straws: here

Have an awesomely wonderful holiday everyone- and let me know if you have any questions, hope this post helps!