utah getaway.

Hi all!
How was your weekend?
I hope it was filled with pumpkins, good food and family!
Ours was, and it was sooo nice.
Sunday's I think are my favorite.
Sweet morning breakfasts, church, relaxin', cooking and games.
Kinda the best.
Such a great day to rest and recharge before another big week.
Just thought I'd fill yah in on what we've been up to and share some quick pics from our trip to Utah!

Last weekend Liam and I jumped on a plane and headed to Salt Lake City so he could hang with his poppa!
He's really the best little traveler.
I mean look at that face!
He was sooooo excited to have his own big boy seat.
Maybe we have a pilot on our hands?!
It was his 11th and 12th flights- can you believe that?!
He's pro flier now.


We stayed with my dad and his fiancé Shelly!
All I wanted to do was just hangout and let me dad get some time with Liam.
Literally did not care what we did-
just as long as they got some playtime in!
These photos below are so dang grainy, but I love them so much.
I'm extremely close with my dad, and it's really important to me that him and Liam have the same type of relationship.
So any chance I get to go see him, I take!

My dad and I LOVE Octobers.
We always go to a pumpkin patch and then hit up a corn maze afterwards.
It's our little tradition.
And since he doesn't live in AZ anymore, we made sure to make that happen while in Utah.

So we went to the little petting zoo they had on the farm lol and learned that animals kinda scare Liam!
And when I say kinda, I mean they really do!
This first picture is him realizing he's in the barn.....

And then he spots the ponies-
complete water works.

Liam has lots of work to do in the animal loving department.
white pumpkins are kinda my favorite.

We made it to the corn maze!
Liam just liked the feeling of the husks lol.

They also had Cinderella pumpkins too-
I wish I could've taken them home with me!

Baby pumpkins are also my favorite.
Especially when my baby plays with them!

^^ Liam is such a texture child-
he loves feeling things with his hands and carried that little piece of husk around with him all day.
We also checked out the tractor, he was pumped.

He also got to ride in the front seat of my dad's truck {just in the driveway obvi} and literally thought it was the greatest thing ever.
He couldn't stop smiling and I think this was his favorite part of our trip!

^^ That little smile!

We also did lots of cuddling in between play time.
I savor these moments with him!

Shelly had the best stash of toys for Liam to play with!
He was in heaven!
Especially about this blue ball-
best. time. ever.

I snapped this as my dad was rocking Liam to sleep-
so sweet.

On our last night we headed to the park for a bit-
Liam's still pretty little to really enjoy the playground, but he got to try the big boy slide!

Lol but he wasn't too impressed.
Soon enough bud, you'll love the slides!

Aren't those mountain tops pretty?!
They have the best views!
We're excited to come back in the winter when all of this grass will be covered in snow!

A big shoutout and my dad and Shelly for spoiling us all weekend!
We sure did have fun playing, playing and playing some more!
Miss you guys already!


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