tip tuesday: halloween decor.

Happy almost Halloween everyone!
We've been pumpkin patching and pumpkin bread baking over here to prep for the 31st!
We love love love decorating for the holiday, so for "tip Tuesday" I wanted to share a few things that I do to turn our little apartment into a haunted mansion!
First, always decorate in jammies, it makes it cozier and comfier-
We're just always in our pj's soooo don't judge the pics.  

While we were getting all of our decorations out of boxes we found these witch hats!
Obviously we put one on Liam and he wore it all afternoon, it was hilarious.
And insanely cute.
I posted a few videos on my Instagram stories of him even wearing it in his bouncer,
this kid cracks me up!

Okay so here are my tips when decorating for Halloween:

1. Use what you got! Before going on a spooky shopping trip, evaluate your home! You'd be surprised what little goodies can transform into ghoulish finds. Books, candle sticks, lace, votives, silver dishes, frames, etc can all work! These are the basics that help set the stage for real scary stuff. 

Always take the covers off your books, and then stack them up to make different levels. 
Take favorite photos and make them horrifying! 
We cut off Zak's head {that sounds so bad} in the picture above and blacked out my eyes to make it haunted. 
Then bundle up your candles!
Nothing seems spookier than a candle lit home!
I promise you'll have lots of Halloween decor lurking around if you just take a look!

^^ See how creepy that is!?

^^ and why do candle sticks also seem creepy!?
Or does my home decor just seem creepy in general?!
I always start to question my decor when I can make normal stuff into Halloween stuff so quickly lol...

2. When in doubt, spider web it out! These are super cheap and go such a long way! A lot of my big furniture pieces are blue and white {opposite of Halloween} so I drape almost everything in spider webs and it somehow makes it all look a little frightful!
You can snag webs at any home store, and I can usually get by with just one bag! 
It's a steal!
I put them all over our bookshelves, cabinets, coffee table- you name it, I spider web it!

3. Dollar Store! It's so tempting to go to big box stores and just fill your cart up with all the holiday treasures! But I'm telling you, the Dollar Store {or any variation} has the a lot of the exact same items for soooo much less. 
Some of my favorite pieces have come from the Dollar Tree. 
You can snag small stuff like pumpkin straws, kitty cat napkins, fake birds {pictured above}, silver votives, spider webs, black roses, cauldrons and the list goes on!
Seriously, before you go shopping, just swing by your local 99 Cent Store and see what they have!
You can load up on stuff that would cost you sooo much more at other stores.
It's one of Zak and I's musts. 

Also, another little tip-
just pick one or two rooms to decorate!
If you're having a murder mystery dinner, or haunted Halloween party where will your guests be?
The living room? Kitchen? Dinning room? Backyard?
Focus on those high traffic areas and go all out!
No one should be in your bedrooms, people don't notice hallways and really you just want a sparkling clean bathroom for guests- who cares if there's decor!
This will save you money, time and your sanity-
I promise.

^^ Those bat straws were dollar store finds!

Those are are three {or four} golden rules I stick by when decorating for Halloween!
Saves us money and gets us excited to transform our little old apartment into a spook-tacular home.
Oh and don't forget-
listening to Monster Mash, lighting fall candles and making some type of pumpkin treat is also a must while decorating!
Just sets the mood yah know!?
We make a full day of it and absolutely love it.
Ah I can't wait when we someday have a front yard lol and get decorate outside!!
And if you wanna take a look at our past Halloween decor check out our Murder Mystery party here! It's my personal favorite!! 
Everything was sooo cute!!
I miss that apartment. 
And our Omaha friends!
Such good times.
Anywho, I hope these simple tips help yah out!

Have a safe and scary Halloween weekend!


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