tip tuesday: date night and pogo pass giveaway.

Happy Tuesday all!
Like promised, just wanted to give yah a some tips on date nights, girls nights or family nights!
Zak and I love a good ole date night- usually some of our favorites include trips to Target, the movies, maybe some Chipotle and I always get froyo after.
Ah so fancy.
But really, we love that little routine a ton, and now with Liam we're trying to incorporate more kid friendly places so he can be more involved too.
Last weekend we took him to the Idea Museum in Mesa, thanks to our amazing Pogo Pass {PS see Pogo Pass details down below}!

We made a little day date out of it, and it was a blast!
Just getting outta the house is sometimes the best medicine and sooooo needed!
It's always good to ditch the to-do lists, ignore the mess and let go of responsibilities sometimes,
yah know?!

The Idea Museum has a dog exhibit right now and it's ADORABLE!
Such a cute and fun place.
We can't wait to take Liam back!

Here are three easy tips to switch up date night {or girls night or family night} that we swear by!

1. Surprises- who doesn't like surprises?! Zak and I always switch off surprising the other one with a date night, and it's always so much fun. Even if it's a simple dinner and a movie, not knowing where you're eating till you pull up in the parking lot or not knowing which film you're going to see until the opening credits start rolling is way more fun than planning it all out! 
So next time, make it a surprise!

2. Switch up the time! It's so easy to put a label on "date nights" when really they can be whenever the heck you want em to be! Honestly I think some of our morning dates have been my favorite thus far. So ditch the nighttime routine and switch it up with an early morning donut and farmers market date, or a day date to the zoo or even a little staycation over night somewhere.
Don't let times restrict yah!

3. No texting and dating! Yep that's right, put down that phone. Zak and I try our bests to be data free when we're on a date, having a family night or when I'm with girlfriends. 
Why be scrolling through other people's lives, when the ones you love are right in front of yah?!
If anything, I just snap photos and post to social media later-
but other than that, we keep the phones away so we can play!

And if your needing date nights ideas, I listed our favorites here!
And if yah need even anymore ideas look no further than a Pogo Pass!
This pass is seriously amazing.
Pogo Pass is a membership that provides you 12 months of FREE access to the best entertainment venues in your city for one price!
You literally save hundreds of dollars on tickets for sporting events, museums and a whole lot more!
For instance, in Arizona Zak and I get multiple tickets to-
- The Phoenix Zoo
- Fat Cats Theatre
- Castles n Coasters
- Sunsplash
- ASU games
- The Idea Museum
- Diamondback games
And over TEN more places!!

Like we're trying to think of date night for this weekend and there's too many places to chose from!
And that right there, is a good problem to have!
Pogo Pass is also in Tucson Arizona, Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas, Austin/Waco Texas, San Antonio Texas and Las Vegas Nevada!
Holy moly!

Love this pass so much so that I'm giving a pass away to one lucky reader!
If you want a chance to win all you have to do is:

1. Follow myself and Pogo Pass on Instagram
2. Like this photo
3. Tag 3 friends in separate comments- the more tags, the more chances to win!
4. Like my Newlywed Diaries Facebook here for an additional entry.

The giveaway ends on Wednesday October 19th at 10:00 PM MST.

You guys, I'm telling you- all together this would cost hundreds of dollars-
it's such a phenomenal deal and will give you loads of date night, family night and girls night ideas!

Good luck everyone!


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