sista sistas.

So before heading to Cali for the month, I made it a big point to make plans with my girlfriends since we'd be gone for a good chunk of time!
I always say, girl time is good for your soul.
And having strong positive women in your life is huge!
In college I joined a sorority called Alpha Phi, where I made lots of lifelong friendships that I cherish so much.
And last month I was able to advise these girls and help them out a bunch during recruitment, which I LOVE doing!

It was a jammed packed two weekends, and Liam and I had a blast hanging out at ASU for days on end.
He was such a trooper!
And a ladies man too, might I add.
Haha at first I was worried about bringing him along, but then realized I was in a room full of 200 baby-sitters!
Like, vacation for this mama.

Anywho, I'm super grateful for this group of girls.
They're the sweetest!
PS if you're in college and reading this, you should totally check out recruitment!
One of the best decisions I've ever made.
And some of the best memories I have too!

Another reason I love helping out is because I basically get to help decorate for a mini wedding-
complete with dreamy florals and the coolest backdrops.
You all know I was in heaven!

These girls make me so darn proud and being their advisor is one of my favorite roles I hold!


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