residency, stitches and mamahood.

Good morning!
Hope your hump day's going well!
I just wanted to pop in and say hi as well as give a little personal update and share what I've been up to lately!
Zak's schedule has been AMAZING so we're soaking up all this time we have together and really cherishing our family days.

Having him home is EVERYTHING.
We were talking today and said that we totally think one day we'll look back at this year {because I look at life in year chunks} and say this time is/was the "good ole days."

I thank the Lord every day for all that we have, especially this time with each other.
I kinda don't want him to ever graduate and just do his fourth year over and over again.
He can just be a student forever right?

Speaking of being a student..
{And yes I said "we" because at this point, it's a everyone getting into this dang program lol}.
He'll be a pediatrician, and I'm so so so so proud of all his hard work-

It's been a long {and sweet} road coming and I can't believe graduation is kinda almost here.
We'll most likely end up in either San Diego, Washington D.C. or Virginia!
So exciting.
And nerve wracking.
I'll obvi keep you posted on how things turn out!


You guys.
Liam started saying "mama!!!!!"
His little voice is the sweetest thing in the entire world and he'll just babble it all day long and makes me the happiest person ever. 

Like mamahood is the best.
These little humans are the greatest joys in life.
William Dean thank you making my life brighter and better than ever before!

I've kinda been on the mend the last couple weeks-
lets just say mamahood is the best, but it can also be a dozy on your body.
You always hear, "having a baby changes your body,"
and it totally does!
But for the better!
I'm more stronger and in better shape now, after having Liam, than I've ever been.
And with that strength, comes lots of challenges.
Like mastitis aka a clogged milk duct aka the worst pain ever.
And milk blisters on places you don't want milk blisters while nursing.
Oh and stitches too.
In places you don't want stitches.
And not just after having a baby, but you can still need stitches oh lets say eight months later........!!!!!!
Yeah so the last three weeks have been challenging to say the least.
But I'm feeling better, back at the gym again and hopefully these problems NEVER COME BACK.
Anywho, at least when your not feeling well or in pain you can eat all the ice cream and take-out you want and not feel guilty.

Or maybe that's just me?
So it was worth it.

Zak and I have really made it a point to cook together more often and it's been way fun experimenting in the kitchen!
I love cooking together, lighting some candles, sitting down at the actual dinner table and chatting over our day.
It's so cozy and homey.
I tell yah little things that that make me the happiest.
Like last night we had cheeseburger stuffed green peppers!
First time ever stuffing green peppers, and they turned out pretty good.
We try and eat pretty healthy, so I've been on the hunt for some high protein meals that don't end up costing a billion dollars for all the ingredients.

I've pinned a bunch on my "yummy" board on Pinterest if you wanna check them out here!
Another favorite of mine has been the "skinny chicken spaghetti squash," 
you totally should make it!
If you're on Pinterest, you should follow my account for more healthy meals!
I test them out before pinning, because we all know there are some major Pinterest fails out there!
Let me be your genuine pig.
Along with cooking, I've been listening to more podcasts lately-
why am I now just discovering these?!
They're kinda amazing.
I'm so late to the podcast game, I know.
But like from politics to parenting and gotta throw in some good mystery stories-
there's literally a podcast for everything.
Do you have any good ones you like?!
Please comment and let me know!
The NPR politics one is a go to since yah know the election is so soon {so scary!!!} and there's some good motherhood ones I like as well.
And while we're on the subject of entertainment Zak and I have also been gearing up for our favorite..
We went to the movies for the first time in FOREVER last weekend and it was pure amazingness.

We also had Smash Burger and Cold Stone so it was kinda the best date ever.

PS why did we just find out about Smash Burger.
Best. Chicken. Burger. Ever. 
And the sweet potato fries?!!?!
Okay anywho.
Movie season is upon us and were are SO pumped to binge watch a million movies over the next few months.
Woot woot.
There's soooo many good ones coming out!
And good ones that are already out!
We watched Columbia the other night-
{a true story with Emma Watson}
and it was crazy!
We also watched The Invitation {a scary one} for Halloween and it was nuts.
Both on Netflix and both great ones to watch!
They might be rated R however- so check out before tuning in.
If you have any good Netflix recs, help a sista out and send em my way.
Please and thank you.

Zak's home again today.. 
So we are being responsible parents and baby proofing the heck outta our home.
Wish us luck!
And send any tips you got!

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!
PS, I love his little look in this pic.



  1. WAIT how do you match in December?! Where are you guys hoping to be??

  2. Zak's in the Navy, and military match is super early!! They match in December, that way if you don't match you still have time to go on civilian interviews! It's so crazy!! I can't believe it's in like a month!! Hopefully San Diego so we're close to family, but honestly all three spots are great! I'd secretly LOVE to end up in D.C.:)