oceanside ladies who lunch.

Happy Thursday!
When we were in Cali, our first stop was to meet our favorite cousin Ashley for lunch!
It's not often you get to see family daily, so we couldn't miss meeting her for some good food in Oceanside!

We didn't go here^^ but it was too cute of a place not to post!
We did eat at Swammi's though, and it was delicious!
And affordable for being blocks away from the sand.
I got a fist burrito and it was amazing.

Liam was so excited to sit with her!

After lunch we all went down to the boardwalk!
The water was soooo pretty!

I'm so grateful we got to spend the afternoon with Ash!
She's one of the strongest people I know, and one of my best friends.
She's currently in nursing school, going for her SECOND degree all the while being the most supportive wife, sister, daughter and cousin.
She's really the best.
Crossing my fingers we'll end up in San Diego one day so we can be closer to her!

Having her and my mom in town was the biggest treat!
Us girls have the best time together.

This one!
He was such a little ham during lunch.
He gives the best faces haha!
He also was a little stinker-
Literally lol.
 He had not one but two HUGE blowouts during lunch.
So that was cool!
Hahaha but I'm still obsessed with him.

Thanks Ash for making making our day!
We already miss and love you so much!


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