Hi loves!!
So I just wanted to let you know about a few exciting things that I'll be doing over here on the ole bloggity blog!
First, I want to say thanks for reading- if this is your first time, or you've been with us since our early days in Omaha {or even wayyyyy back in college} we so appreciate the support and hope you keep coming back.
This little space on the internet started as a way to document our wedding and now has morphed into a diary where I can share and celebrate our love, family, adventures and everything else in between.
I titled this blog Newlywed Diaries because
 even though we're not in the newlywed season anymore,
we always want to capsulate that fresh new love and excitement toward not only each other,
 but our babies and home and passions and careers and goals and Romie and travels and EVERYTHING! 
Too much?!
But you get the gist right?!

We love love and wanna throw it around like confetti in all aspects of our life and share it here for you all to enjoy!
So from here on out I'm changing up a few things to hopefully spread that goodness to you kind people!
In our short three years of marriage and long eight years of being together, we've learned a lot, messed up a lot and conquered a lot so I've kinda rounded all that up and each Tuesday I'll be posting little tips to share with yah!

From tips on where to find the best clothing deals, to decorating your home on a budget, how the heck I stay on track with diet/exercise, traveling affordably {and with a baby!!}, to my most helpful pins on Pinterest, my favorite beauty products and lots lots more!
You can find it here each Tuesday, wrapped up in a short and sweet little post that will hopefully help and inspire yah with any of those said things and more!

Along with "Tip Tuesday" I'll also be doing lots of giveaways as a thank you for reading, posting favorite Friday steals,  linking our outfits so you can snag the same deals, posting more videos and showing some fun tutorials as well.
I'm super excited to start expanding the blog into a helpful headquarters where you can take something away each week!
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So anywho!
Check back tomorrow for a fun giveaway and some tips for cheap, fun and unique date night, girls night or family night ideas!
Thanks again guys for all your support, it truly means a lot and makes my heart so happy!

Have a lovely Monday!

ME: Dress here and similar coat here, here and here.
LIAM: Similar onsie here.



  1. Yay! I just love your little corner of the internet.

  2. You're seriously the best! Thanks so much for reading- it means soo much!