lions, tigers and bears oh my.

Hi hi!
So while in San Diego, we kinda totally had to spend a day at the San Diego Zoo!
We had heard so much about this place, so we couldn't wait to take Liam!
Seeing the world through your child's eyes is something incredible.
He had a lot of fun looking around, and taking everything in.

It was very bright soooo these were the best pics we got.
Just go with them.
And remember the whole camera situation-
yeah soooo all of these little snaps are from my phone.

Our very first exhibit was the flamingos!
They're sooo pretty!!!
And so crazy to see up close.

His little hat and cheetah onesie were kinda the cutest things ever.
Along with that little smile of excitement!

First fam pic at the zoo!
I'm sure there's going to be so many of these for years to come!
Also RIP camera. 

Haha and after trekking all over-
this guy was pooped!
As were we.
Hahahha can't get over his hat.

We also went and checked out Balboa park since we were in the area,
I never realized how big {and gorgeous} the park is!
So. much. to. do.

Also, don't mind our naked child.
He seems to blow out during the best occasions.
And there's only so many extra outfits one can pack till yah run out!

He loved lounging on the grass with his bunny!

The architecture was unreal!

That was also the week Liam tried out his first swing at the park!
I know, I know.
We're such goofy parents documenting every single little first.
We're obsessed okay?!
And he loved the swings!!
It was so cute seeing him on the swing set.
I can't wait for more play dates with him!

Hahah his little grin kills me.

We also went to our first music class!
You haven't laughed enough until you've gone to a baby music class.
Everyone is running wild, instruments in hand all the while the teacher is signing Disney songs trying to wrangle all of the kiddos up!
Liam loved watching all the other kids and I so want to get him in a class now that we're back in AZ.

Checking off lots of "firsts" as he gets older and older!
So crazy!
We love you Liam!


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