happy seven months liam.

Hope your day is going well!
Just wanted to share a little post and celebrate Liam turning-
What in the world.
He's certainly looking and acting more like a little boy rather than a baby..
which is so much fun, but also kinda heart breaking at the same time.
Zak and I cherish all the cuddles and are soaking up every last bit of this perfect stage before it's gone!
Anywho, we were in California so we started the day like usual-
breakfast, coffee and playtime.
It's really starting to become my favorite part of the day!

And then we headed to the beach!
If you follow me on Instagram you might've seen some stories I posted of Liam watching the birds!
He was so content just chilling in the sand or in my lap nursing.
He's really the best.
I took tons of cool photos and videos on my camera of this day specifically..
So this one photo is all I got!
But it's okay, cuz it's a really sweet one.

Once Zak got home we headed to Target to do a little holiday shopping-
{you guys know we're already gearing up to decorate for Fall},
and then found this random Mexican restaurant for dinner.
It was actually at a private airport, like right on the runway so Liam got to watch all the planes take off!
It was super cool!
And fun fact- Harrison Ford is a frequenter!
Yah know, since he probably owns a couple private jets and all.

After we gorged ourselves with chips and salsa we went for donuts.
Because I have no self control and have to have something sweet after dinner!
It's like a must.
And we were celebrating so, duh we had to get donuts!
We shared the candles since I never blew any out on my bday lol so that's why they're pink.

^^His face!
He's so ready for sugar!!

And now here are little snap shots over the past couple weeks of him at this age.
He's really the happiest and cutest and makes my heart burst over and over each day.
I can't take it!

^^ These. Photos.
My. Heart.
His little tongue, chubby cheeks and curly hair are my favorite!!

The humidity in California made his hair soooooo curly!
I was dying at his little ringlets.
I swear, I'm never cutting his hair.

All of these photos were taken in the morning-
it's one of my favorite times to be with him.
He's so vocal and playful and funny and loud and he's really the best way to start the day!

Liam, your parents love you so much it hurts!!!!!!
Happy seven months baby!!


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